Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hello Dear Family and Friends!
We are ever so sorry for not updating in so long! Busy times! We will be posting soon about Kaity's wedding (Brandon's sister),Our Christmas festivities, and Our New Years Celebrations! Our sweet baby boy will be turning one year old very soon,and so we will most certainly post many pictures of his first year with us! Our hearts are heavy for so many friends and blog world friends,and we are lifting them all up in prayer,and would like to ask all of you to do the same.

Please pray for our Friend,Caleb Arnold,who was in a tragic car accident,his best friend Adam was killed in the accident.Caleb and Adam went to high school together,basic training together,and were stationed at the same army base.Caleb is a husband to Veronica,and a father to Max,Adam was in his early twenties.

Also there are two sweet babies that were born recently,that are fighting for their lives. I(Bethany) have followed their family blogs,and am praying God heals these sweet babies.Harper and Brayden need your prayers. I feel a kinship in these woman,who are from the south,as I am,and I too have had a baby born early,who had a difficult start.My heart goes out to them,and I pray that your heart will be moved to pray as well!

Also please be praying for our brother Adam.Who is heading to Indianapolis tomorrow for a check up,we are praying he gets a good progress report,and that his hands are healing as they should. Keep praying for no infections!!!

Thank you to our prayer warrior Family and Friends! More updates to come,as well as a new blog makeover!!! Stay Tuned!