Friday, May 18, 2012


This will be short. We are back in the hospital with Elliott. He spiked a high fever again. Began having convulsions and foaming at the mouth. I called 911, and we rode via ambulance back to Memorial. It's been the worst and hardest night by far. He was used as a pin cushion, and I had to help hold him down. He was screaming "Lord help Me" at the top of his lungs. Simply put. It was horrible. After about six pokes in three different spots they got a line in. He began vomiting and could not stop. That made the fever go up, and induced seizures. Dr. Is doing a slew of more diagnostic testing first thing in the morning. Until then. Plan of care is: 1.keep fever down 2.keep seizures at bay. So far so good. Temp is 99.9 and no seizure since arriving on peds. Your prayers are invaluable. Thank you for all of your love and support. FYI Brandon has been updating my fb for me. I am focusing all my attention on Elliott. " "For I know that in ALL things Work together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose." Can't get that verse out of my head! How thankful I am that the Lord would flood my mind with His Word during this rough time. I started this at 2am. Then Elliott woke up screaming and I did not finish. It's now 7am. Dr.s will be making rounds. Pray they will look into every possibility before sending us home again! He has a chest X-ray at 8. And a ultrasound after that. His labs showed inflammation. But we don't know where. His CBC count came back good. YAY! So we wait. Will post more when I know more. Also Brandon has a job interview at 11am.Prayfor him, his heart and mind are here but physically he needs to be present and put his best foot forward. Hard to do in this circumstance. I miss him so much! pray he nails it in the offered the job. Pray we could figure out a way for him to come back home. Even if just for a day or two. Being apart at this time is a huge strain on all of us! Thanks friends and family! "For the Love of the Lord is never failing it is new every morning! Great is thy faithfulness!"

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I am a details person. I like fringe and buttons on pillows. I love anything with ribbons and pearls. I like pretty and neat. I like details. Of course life is not always neat and pretty. And we don't always know every little detail. But. God does.

He knew that A simple cup of sweet tea would bless me yesterday.That a precious social worker that saw me roaming the halls of a huge hospital would bless me by walking me to the pediatrics ward. And that she had a fun wagon for Elliott to ride in would make it so much easier. Not just physically. But the thought of handing my limp baby boy over to a stranger once we got to the floor had my anxiety reeling. He was in a wagon...not a stretcher. A much easier visual for me as a Mom. God knew I needed that.

He has been in every little detail. And I pray I don't miss any of the "God details" moments.

Details of what is going on:

Sunday night Elliott came down with a fever. He had an episode Sunday night. I had a cold so I just thought he had something viral. Monday his fever kept climbing.By 3pm,one hour after taking Morton,his fever was103.7 and climbing. At 4 he began having convulsions. I called his neurologist. (We have been going through a process of elimination trying to figure out if he is having seizures). She suggested I take him to the ER asap.

We went to our local ER. They confirmed that yes,he had a seizure. And his fever was103.7.They gave him medication. And released us. Informing us to contact his neurologists in the morning. I requested they send his discharge info to his neurologist. We headed home at 9:15pm.

He was up through the night. Same things happening. And a high fever. At 7am his neurologist called me. She told me she was very concerned. And wanted to see him in her office. About an hour later(we like 45 min away from her office. I was arranging care for our other children) her nurse calls. She said she wants us to bring him to the pediatrics floor and admit him. So I grabbed what I could for a over night stay. And headed out.

We were admitted at noon, had a parade of doctors come through till about five. An EEG was scheduled. And we were informed it was to be a sleep deprived one. This would be his second EEG. The first one he had an allergic reaction to the gels they use. We got he same tech. And she offered to come in at 4am! So we would not have to keep him up till the afternoon when she had her first available opening!!! .

The EEG confirmed that he is having seizures. He is on a medication for those. But we have to figure out this fever. His kidney levels came back elevated. We have to get a urine sample and will then know if he has an infection.

It has been especially tough since my husband has been hundreds of miles away during this entire week. But God has found a way to bless us through that as well. During his time with family out of state, he decided to test the job market, and was surprised to immediately have several calls for interviews, one offer on the spot, and is interviewing tomorrow(Friday) for an even better position at 11am.

Prayer requests:
1. We can figure our why he keeps running a fever.
2. He can go potty!
3. Brandon's interview tomorrow that they would offer him the job in the interview.
4. Our other three children who are with family
5.We could GO HOME today!

We are so thankful to all the friends and family who have offered support! Even in the little things, God has provided and taken care of us through your prayers and practical assistance.

This was my devotional today...

"God listens in compassion and love, just like we do when our children come to us.He delights in our presence."


"I love the Lord because he hears my prayers and answers them. Because he bends down and listens,, I will pray as long as I breathe!" Psalm 116:1-2

God knew I needed that too. He really likes details too!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day...

Happy Mothers Day! I just wanted to say Happy Mothers Day to my Mom and Mother in-law and sister in-laws and Grandma's and Aunts and Adopted Aunts. :) I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends who are mother's and friend's who are like second mother's to my Children. To ALL of you I say "Thank-you! For encouraging me as a mother and loving and nurturing my children!". I am so thankful for my mother. She chose to homeschool me, when it was unheard of. She gave up her ten year teaching career to be home with me. And, no. Its not because we got along so well, that she just wanted to be with me. Actually,her and I butted heads. A lot. I hear many woman say " I could never homeschool my kids.They drive me crazy." And to that I say "That is exactly why my Mom chose to homeschool me!" She has often said "I realized God gave you to me , and it wasn't you that needed a heart change, it was me. I was choosing to be frustrated or annoyed with you. And was that reasoning, a Godly reason to put you in school? What was I telling God when I choose to be frustrated and annoyed? That I did not want what He blessed me with?". I know I am who I am today because my mom choose to step out in faith. What a HUGE testimony that has been in my own life. My mother loved to be with us. And exemplified that on a daily basis. In turn by knowing she enjoyed our company, I enjoyed hers. She is my best friend second to my husband. She practiced attachment parenting when no one had coined the term. She was ahead of her time. She can speak truth into my life, and I never question her intentions. I know she wants only the best for me. From a tiny girl she always told me I could tell her anything. I have never heard her utter "A told you so". She told me I could be anything I wanted to be. And let me try anything I was interested in. She did not fo rce homeschooling but as I got older any other form of school just did not appeal to me. I loved being with my Mom and goofy brother's. She gave the big picture. Never one to shy away from praying with us and over us. Reading scripture to us and over us. Pointing us to the Lord and not her own philosophy. Constantly asking us. "Well, what does God's Word say about that?". And making us think about it, and look up scripture. She made us want to claim our faith as our own. Not inherited because its what we grew up doing. She gave me a love for music, but did not force us to play something. She drove me an hour ONE WAY three days a week for gymnastics!!!! Because she believed I deserved the very best and wanted me to be successful. She made our home the "cool" place to hang out. But mostly she made it feel like home to anyone who walked through the door. She was the Hands and Feet of Christ to me. And lead by example. I am SO thankful and blessed to call her my Mother. I love you Mom!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{Baby N}3-mo-Elkhart,Goshen,Southbend-Newborn Photographer

Meet Baby {N.S.G}
She is 3 months old and pure sweetness.
I had so much fun with her and her Momma and Daddy. Such a GREAT family! Thank-you Kim for contacting me again! So blessed to have clients who return time and time again for photographs. Not to mention it's so great to watch these little ones grow and change!