Thursday, October 29, 2009

Packed up and moving out...

Some big changes have been happening in the last few weeks.After alot of prayer,and work on my husbands part.I have officially moved my blog.I am starting a children's photography business,and to make things easier,we moved the blog to my own domain published through wordpress.You can now find my blog at:

Don't worry,same me,just new packaging.Oh,and check it out,because I am doing a giveaway this week.Only thing is,you have to live locally.Thanks for following me on blogger,and please do continue to follow me on my new blog!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Last weekend we (Clara and I) met two of my close friends at the mall.

Abigail,Jennie and I have been best of friends since 8Th grade.

They are the kind of friends that you have for a lifetime.

Do you have any like that?

You know,the kind who love you,even though they know how you dressed in 8Th grade.They love you through all the awkward years of life.The dramatic high school years of life,they love you through the crazy wedding planning years of life.They just love you.For you.And,I love them for that!They have been my kindred friends,and though we don't get to see each other much,when we do,it's like no time has passed at all.I love that.I just love getting to spend some time with them,and who doesn't like shopping!?!

Abigail has two children,and Jennie is expecting her first.She is having a boy,and we are ever so excited, as they have been trying and waiting for God to give them a baby.She found out a few weeks ago that her baby has club feet.And to say it's been a roller coaster ride of emotions for her is an understatement.I can not even begin to imagine what she has gone through,and continues to go through.If you all could,please keep Jennie in your prayers.As her sweet baby boy grows and develops.He's still got another few months to shake and bake in his momma's oven.And we are praying that he is born strong and healthy.

It was so nice to catch up,laugh,share,and reminisce.While we were sitting eating in the food court the kids played on a riding merry-go-round.So I snapped a few pictures.Of course,did I get any pictures of us adults? NO!Grr,next TIME!I promise!And hopefully it won't be too long till we all get together again! :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Can you say...OVER THE MOON?!?

Hey y'all!


Don't worry,the children are fine.

Well,Elliott had a root canal yesterday,but,he's fine now.I'll post about that later,cause this is BIG!

Uh,no,not pregnant.Guess again....

Wait for it....

Wait for it....


If y'all could have just seen my reaction,seriously,there was a happy dance going on at my computer.My children thought I was crazy,whats new though right?!?

Well,what is Crazy though,you know,one of those,only God can be in this kind of crazy.I was just at Bible Study this morning,yep,Beth's Study,okay,so maybe I'm not on a first name basis yet,but this is my blog.Anyway,I'm working through the patriarch's study.

And Lord have Mercy,Bless My Soul,it's amazing!!!

I am learning so much!!!!

So,as I am driving home from Bible Study I remember the giveaway...and thought "hmm,I should check that when I get home." then I thought,"I never win anything,but I can dream".

Back up with me...all morning a sweet friend had been on my mind.She's more than a friend,she is family.I love her.Dearly.And,I thought about how much I just really wish she lived close,and I could bring her to bible study with me.But Alas,many miles separate us.

So,I get home.Feed Kids,put them down for naps.Decide to check blogger.

Cause,well,who doesn't check up on all the blogs they follow.Okay,so maybe I'm a little bit of a blog stalker.

Anywho,my sweet cousin friend calls me(same one I'd been thinking about this morning) and while we are talking I'm reading through the winners.Then my eyes fell upon MY name.

Bethany-hartsforhim.(yep,that's me pointing to MY name!)

I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!! I then squealed,danced around,began hyperventilating,err um I mean,informed my cousin that she would be coming with me to a conference.Not just any one though,Beth Moores conference.

And,simply put.My day has been amazing.

And to say I'm over the moon,well,that's an understatement.

And,I get to spend TWO days with the very dear cousin friend I'd been thinking about and praying for this morning.

And,just for Beth,can I get a GLORY?!?!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me Monday...!

Join Jennifer,and a bunch of her blogging buddies over at her blog to share about your "Not me" moments.:)

Here's mine...ah hem...

I did not leave my house in total disaster mode to take the kids on a picnic last week.Just so I would not have to clean up one more mess after they ate lunch.It was not cloudy and forecasting rain.Who would take their small children out on such a dreary day,for a picnic of all things,NOT ME!

I did not decide to just layer Riley's bed with a sheet,then mattress cover,then another sheet,and so on,because I was tired of changing the bedding over and over all week.My great idea did not fail when he had a huge blow out wetting through all six layers of bedding.Nope,not me,I don't make more work for myself.ever.

I did not go shopping and buy even more bows for our daughters way to large bow collection.Now making her bow collection way over fifty,seriously,really,who needs over fifty bows for one little girl!?!How frivolous.Not me.

Last but not least,I did not get thrown up on today,having to change my clothes,then got thrown up on again,and changed again.Then got thrown up on again,and upon trying to change my clothes,realized I had no clean jeans,and decided a wet wipe would clean the jeans just fine.Then while sitting next to my daughter while working on school she did not inform me that I stink and I should go change my clothes.Not me,I would never continue to wear jeans that had been barfed on.That's way gross,nope,never,not me.

Taylor Swift+Second row Tickets to her concert=BEST GIFT EVER!

Let me preface this by saying a few things.

First.I was raised in the south,and was raised to appreciate all music.I like a few country artists,not all,a few.This artist would be one of the few.

Second.I love my husband,he does not like country music.But,he likes me ;).And this truly was a gift from the heart,from him,to me.

Third.I know some people do not think country music is something Christians should listen to.I'm not here to debate what kind of music anyone should listen to.I believe that falls under Christian Liberties.I do not mean to offend anyone.If you find the subject matter offensive,then,just don't read it :).

With that said...

Last week we went to Indianapolis to a concert.But not just any concert.A concert that sold out in something like four minutes.Yes,20,000 tickets sold out that fast.

My husband,my amazing ever so sweet husband... got SECOND ROW TICKETS!

He gave them to me on our anniversary,in July,as my anniversary gift. I could not believe his sweet act,of truly sacrificial love. (he's not so into country music,just not his thing)

The concert was Thursday night. The kids stayed at my inlaws,and I went shopping first thing Thursday for a new outfit to wear to the concert.I got a way cute outfit at kohls for a grand total of 25 dollars! I came home got all dolled up,and we headed to Indy.

I was kinda nervous.First that I would be the only person there over 21.Second,that it might be a rowdy crowd.I had never been to a concert of that size before.

Thankfully both of my fears were quickly relieved as we were taken to our seats,right down in front of the stage.I squealed with delight!( Thinking I would not even need to use the zoom on my camera!)

Sitting next to us on one side was a couple in their sixties.Yep,apparently there are Taylor Swift Fans older than me.:) On the other side of us,a mom and her nine year old daughter.And that was pretty much the way the entire section of where we were seated consisted of.

Mom's and daughters.A few couples our age.And Grandparents.It was great.

Gloriana opened,then Kelly Pickler did a set.Then Taylor.(I feel like I can call her by her first name,ya know,seeing as I was SO close to her and all.)

Her show was a solid two hours of amazing.One song to the next.Her lighting was way cool,and her sets and costume changes were so creative! The best part,being next to my ever so sweet husband.And spending an entire day and a half with him all to myself.

We had a blast...and I took a few pictures,so all of you could feel like you were right there with us.Second Row and all. :) Enjoy!

I <3>

Last Park Days...

I am sad to say that I believe this may have been the last visit to the park to play before winter.Have I mentioned that I was raised in the south? I have swamp water in my veins,Indiana winters are not my cup of tea.That said,we decided last week after Mom2mom that we would go to the park for a picnic lunch.I ran home,packed up a lunch and off to the park we went.We had so much fun eating together and chatting about the kids fun day with their friends at Mom2mom. Rosie came along with us,and the kids thought it was great having a little baby with us for the afternoon.After we ate we went on a "nature hike".This was the first time that Riley walked the entire way,he looked so grown up walking with us.This park is the park where my husband and I got engaged and later got married at.So the kids love to talk about that every time we go,and ask me what the little chapel looked like and how many people came,etc. I don't think I would ever have imagined that just six years later I would be walking around that park with four little ones of my own.How blessed we are! After our hike we piled into the van,and just in time,because it quickly began to rain. All of the kids fell asleep on the way home.Fun day it was for all of us! :)


A few weekends ago we met some friends at a local gardening store for their oktober fest. This place is not your typical gardening store mind you.They have a petting zoo,an amazing house decor shop,and well the grounds are amazing! There are all of these little houses.The plants that fit that kind of home are around these little houses.My kids love running around and I had to bring the camera along,can't resist such a perfect location for picture taking!!! My friend Abigail met me there,and we have been best of friends since junior high.Her kids are Teddy and Lydia,and boy do I love them and the many pictures I got of them should be proof of that! :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Our Jackson,He will be six in a few weeks,and I can hardly believe that! He is a great helper,and always willing to lend a hand.He's become quite the artist as well.He's always up for playing dress up or some kind of pretend play. He and Clara are still best friends,and I love him for that.He's always making sure while we are out and about that we have everyone.Making sure Mommy has not left anyone behind.He is caring and compassionate.And has a zest for life,he always has something to say,always. His other front tooth is loose so I think he maybe able to sing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" here pretty soon.He is doing really well with school this year,and awana,and music class.We love him and the spice he adds to our family! We are proud of you Jackson,and Mommy is so thankful to have you as our oldest boy,such a good helper!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Clara is growing up so fast.As of late I find her sitting all around the house writing her letters.Why just today,while I was breaking up a fight the boys were having I went looking for Clara.I found her sitting at the kitchen table,practicing her letters.Yes,she had written the entire alphabet over and over on a piece of scrap paper.I love her. I love her desire to learn. Her language skills tend to amaze me all the time. The other day I overheard her playing,she was talking to her baby doll,and said "I know you don't like this baby food.I know it's not particularly your favorite,so perhaps I can arrange to have something else for you to eat". I could not believe my ears, I thought,is that my four year old,or is she twenty!?! She loves to help Elliott,and it's so sweet to watch her help him.The other day they were playing,and Clara was packing up her baby things,and said to Elliott "Come on deary,it's time to get in the van,we are running some errands and don't want to be late"....Elliott said "Otay Honey".Moments in time that melt my heart.:) We love you sweet Clara bear!