Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Our Elliott:
He is doing so well,but I think these pictures more than explain his stuggles,and frustration with life.As we were out on Sat,he tripped,and fell right into this puddle.Frustrated,he just sat there,totally overwhelmed with his present state.It was cold,wet,and he could not keep up with everyone else,and everything going on.

So,he sat.

In the puddle.

Staring at his reflection.

Making little fists and hitting the water as to say

"Darn it puddle,why do these things always happen to me!".

As I've been re-touching and cropping these pictures one thing has come to mind.How many times have I tripped and fell into a puddle of life,of frustrations.Have I just sat in it? Looking at my life,and reflecting? Or am I too busy to stop,to be still,and to wait on the Lord? I realize Elliott's only two and a half,but I think he can teach us something in this.When life get's frustrating,overwhelming,busy,and too much.Perhaps we just need to sit,in the midst of all of that,and reflect on Who God is,What He is trying to teach us,and If we are going in His right Direction,On the Path that will bring us closer to Him.

I have to admit in this moment,I was not focused on the right thing.On Elliott's heart,and of teaching him through his struggles,but rather was more concerned about Riley following suit,and getting Elliott warm and dry. I need to work on that,I need to be able to stop,perhaps even sit in the puddle too,and talk with him about his struggles and frustrations. And,leading Him to the Only Giver of Hope,Our Loving Lord.

We love you Elliott,and thank you for reminding Mommy of what is important,and Teaching me to Be still,Reflect,and Know Who God Is.


Bridget and Jamie said...

Oh sweet boy..... I also thank you-- for reminding me that life goes by way to fast and maybe we all need to just sit in a puddle and splash!

Bethany said...

Sweet pictures and such a wonderful challenge. Thank you for sharing your heart and this beautiful analogy.