Friday, October 16, 2009

Can you say...OVER THE MOON?!?

Hey y'all!


Don't worry,the children are fine.

Well,Elliott had a root canal yesterday,but,he's fine now.I'll post about that later,cause this is BIG!

Uh,no,not pregnant.Guess again....

Wait for it....

Wait for it....


If y'all could have just seen my reaction,seriously,there was a happy dance going on at my computer.My children thought I was crazy,whats new though right?!?

Well,what is Crazy though,you know,one of those,only God can be in this kind of crazy.I was just at Bible Study this morning,yep,Beth's Study,okay,so maybe I'm not on a first name basis yet,but this is my blog.Anyway,I'm working through the patriarch's study.

And Lord have Mercy,Bless My Soul,it's amazing!!!

I am learning so much!!!!

So,as I am driving home from Bible Study I remember the giveaway...and thought "hmm,I should check that when I get home." then I thought,"I never win anything,but I can dream".

Back up with me...all morning a sweet friend had been on my mind.She's more than a friend,she is family.I love her.Dearly.And,I thought about how much I just really wish she lived close,and I could bring her to bible study with me.But Alas,many miles separate us.

So,I get home.Feed Kids,put them down for naps.Decide to check blogger.

Cause,well,who doesn't check up on all the blogs they follow.Okay,so maybe I'm a little bit of a blog stalker.

Anywho,my sweet cousin friend calls me(same one I'd been thinking about this morning) and while we are talking I'm reading through the winners.Then my eyes fell upon MY name.

Bethany-hartsforhim.(yep,that's me pointing to MY name!)

I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!! I then squealed,danced around,began hyperventilating,err um I mean,informed my cousin that she would be coming with me to a conference.Not just any one though,Beth Moores conference.

And,simply put.My day has been amazing.

And to say I'm over the moon,well,that's an understatement.

And,I get to spend TWO days with the very dear cousin friend I'd been thinking about and praying for this morning.

And,just for Beth,can I get a GLORY?!?!


Bridget and Jamie said...

I am soooo looking forward to this!!! I am going to have to start a countdown!!!

Bridget and Jamie said...

I am soooo looking forward to this!! I am going to have to start a countdown!!

Kim said...

I am so happy for you! What a great day you had. I love happy dances!