Friday, February 25, 2011

Charmer in glasses...

Elliott got his first pair of glasses today. He's always been a little charmer, and now. Mercy.

Is he cute or what?

He picked out the frames himself. And since he was really not thrilled about having to get glasses, I let him pick whatever he wanted. I have say, the frames he choose are pretty cute. He was hilarious trying frames on last week. He sat in front of the mirror, and tried on atleast twenty pairs of frames. He'd stare at himself for a second, then quickly swipe them off of his little face and say "Nope!". Then just as quick, try on another pair. The frames he choose were the first ones he tried on, and he went right back to them and tried them on again after twenty other pairs, and said "Yep, these look good!". The lady that was helping us, was laughing and said "I've never had a four year old come in here, and do that! He know's EXACTLY what he wants!". Yep. That's Elliott!

He was really excited today to go pick his glasses up. When walking outside for the first time wearing his glasses he said "WOW! Look at all this stuff! Look Mom! The tree is huge!".

He did really well the first hour or so wearing them. Then his eyes started hurting. The doctor told us it would take a few days for his eyes to adjust to the glasses. He has asked at least a thousand times today "Can I take them off now?"..."Why do I have to wear these?"..."Are you sure I have to wear these?"...and so on. But, I'm sure after a few days he will do great wearing them. Everyone has told him how handsome he looks, and if you were one of those people today. THANK-YOU! He needs all the encouragement he can get! I had to snap a few pictures to show my family that lives out of state, just how adorable he is! He was being a ham, can ya tell? :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today.Yesterday. At. Home.

Today. Elliott ran to me and informed me: "My cereal is mulled..." I said "You mean mush?"...."Elliott: "Yeah, that too!

Today.He could not choose between eating, or playing. He choose to play. Hence why his cereal was mush. This was his second bowl. Oh, and that is a sponge bob spoon, he ONLY eats his cereal with that spoon. Just a little thing, that I always want to remember. He makes me laugh. He told me "Sponge bob makes it taste better Mom!".

Today. Riley ran around the corner of the living room, into the dining room, with his wild just slept on hair, and a bright and bushy look on his face.He quickly said "I want some cheeeeeeerrrrrroooos too!!!". Usually he is not this bubbly in the morning. Took me by surprise! He's like me, takes a while to warm up, and wake up.

Today. Jackson asked if he could make one of these again. In case you could not tell. It's a chitty chitty bang bang car. Made out of laundry hamper,chair, baby doll basket, and many blankets.

Riley had to sit in the baby basket. Though he is not the smallest of our children. He is the youngest. It took a few minutes to get him out of it. Thankfully wicker bends easily.

Today. Clara was playing with her polly pocket swimming pool set. And apparently Bat-Man and Robin are Polly's BFF's. Oh to be Polly with that pretty pool...and palm trees...and hunky super hero's stopping by for a quick dip.

Wait a minute. I am Polly. (Okay, minus the sweet swimming pool and palm trees and cute teeny tiny bikini and...I'll stop there.)

Today. I have a hunky super hero, who lives in my house. And leaves me sweet comments on FB for the entire world to see like this. (Okay, so maybe only my "friends" can see this, but whateva, the simple gesture blessed my socks off!)

"I am madly in love with you! Thought you should know..."

And my superhero sticks around to play with the kids all day, because I was sick. Then makes them dinner, and gives them baths, and puts them to bed. And waits on me hand and foot.

Take that Polly Pocket!

I have an awesome life.

Yesterday. We took some friends to the pool. I'm so thankful for friends who don't care what I look like, my house looks like, or my kids look like. Who just want to hang out with us. And are up to throwing swimsuits in the car, driving 30+ minutes, to go swim, while it's cold and icy outside. Yep. It was awesome.
Clara swam around like a little fishy. She swam all the way across the pool and back. Where did my lil' baby girl go? She was so sweet trying to encourage her brothers to come with her. But, that was not going to happen. his element. Talking I'm sure at the top of his lungs. Us Momma's had to yell many times "GUYS NOT SO LOUD!!!!" Noise just seems to bounce off of everything in a indoor pool!

Clara had a blast with Lydia. So glad she could swim with us, Lydia's ear drum ruptured last week. But her momma found this super cool head band thing to keep her ear plugs in. Good thing too, cause she was jumping in the pool!

While Riley just watched from the sidelines. Jackson and Elliott hung out around the stairs. Amazing to see how different they all are.
Today. I am enjoying a clean house. Plus to sleeping all day and recovering from sickness? Having a TON of energy to stay up all night and clean our home! Then, I sat on the couch and watched the sun rise...while basking in the cleanliness that I knew would not last once the littles were awake. Love the lamp? I do too. My momma bought this beauty for me, 80% off at hobby lobby last week! I <3> it, but I love my Mom WAY more.

Today. We are Home. Like many days this winter. And I do love being home.

Today. We did school. I had to laugh, Jackson was coloring his vegtables from his school assignment. And talking with me about eating healthy, and how he loves carotts, celery, and brocolli. While Riley and I were eating chocolate cheesecake left over from last night. And Riley kept saying "I just wub cake".

Today. I am thankful. That I can stay inside, and watch this bundle of pink make snow angels out my window.
Today. I am blessed to count forty little toes at our house. And listen as they play with potato heads, counting all the pieces we have. And pretending Mr. potato head is at the doctor.

Today. I am thankful to be home. To have a home. Thankful we are not pioneers, like we've been reading about in school. Log cabins and simple lives are neat to read about, but in this cold, I can't imagine what it would be like to be them. Home for me, is where my family is. And for them I am most thankful.

Today. Was not an easy day. It was rather stressful, with a doctors appointment for our kids, that did not go like I was expecting. But, now, we are home. And I am SO glad to be home!
"Ah, Home, Let me go home!
Home is wherever I'm with you!"

Friday, February 11, 2011

3,it can't be!?! THREE!

I can't believe our precious baby boy Riley Samuel is three years old!

We went low key this year for his birthday. He asked to go to my parents on his birthday for a movie night. So,thats just what we did. He had a swiss cake roll with a number 3 on it. See,I can do low key! Then he asked to go to Shipshewana on saturday to ride the carousel and get a Jojo's pretzel. My in-laws tagged along. We seriously risked our lives driving out to Amish country. It was snowing something fierce. Nearly a white out at times. And my hubby was not feeling well, apparently he caught the virus our little boys had earlier in the week. I was really thankful my in-laws tagged along, as It's not easy to keep an eye on all four, on a carousel. Okay, near impossible by yourself.

We all had a great time eating pretzels, riding the carousel three times. Then heading back to my in law's home to open some presents from Aunt Kaity & Uncle Guy.

I thought I would share a few things Riley is up to now. He loves to sing. His favorite song is "three little birds". I love to hear him sing it, especially the chorus "Don't worwy about a fing,cause ebery wittle fing, is gunna be awright" at the top of his lungs. It's precious.

He loves to wressle and give hugs.

He will whisper in my ear "I wuve you so much, and I wuve Daddy."

He loves to cuddle in the mornings. He almost always wakes up early (around 6am) and comes to our bed for snuggles and will go back to sleep curled up between his Daddy and I and sleep till eight or later.

He loves bath time. Except last week when he had a fever, it was so cute, I had said earlier in the day he could not go outside because he had a fever and it was too cold. So when his big brother said "It's bath time Ry"...Ry responded saying "I tan't take a bafth dackson (Jackson) cause I have a feber (fever) and it too cold". We all snickered at that one.

He loves to play dress up with Clara. Nearly daily she has a dress on him,or better yet,one of her leotards. It's great.

He's a big boy. Think in the 100% tile for height. He's as tall as his older brother,and about eight pounds heavier! He wears a size 4t,and 11 shoe! Our Clara wore that shoe size last summer!

He brings so much laughter and delight into our family! Riley was quite the surprise baby for us. Well, most of our children were a surprise. haha! But, we are SO thankful,and SO blessed by his life,and presence in our family. And really thankful God had much bigger and better plans for our family than my husband and I did!
(More pictures to be added later)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Reece's Rainbow.

I've not been contacted by this organization. But I believe in what they do. My husband and I are not in a place to be able to adopt one of these precious babies. One day we will be ,and we plan to. But maybe one of you could open your heart to love a darling orphan.

Click here : Reese's Rainbow

And Go Here for details about three little ones needing forever families. NOW! They can't wait. Literally,it's life or death for them. You can give one of these children life!
And Because I can't post without a picture,here is our sweet Elliott.Who's been sick the past few days. He's was given new pj's and has worn them for three days now. They don't smell.Yet.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We're not crazy...okay so maybe...


Yesterday was SO.MUCH.FUN!

First I had a photo shoot of this precious baby girl. Prepare to have your heart melt.

Precious right? I know.I've oohed and awed over every picture.Still working on editing them all.

The children stayed home with Daddy,while I got a few hours out taking pictures. And they cleaned their bedrooms. It's amazing how quickly they get their room's cleaned when we tell them their reward is going to a friends house to play!

We went to our friends the Miller's house. And had a BLAST! It was a "un-super bowl" party. Instead of watching the game,we played games. I laughed so hard I was sore today! Of course I was too busy laughing and having fun to take one picture. We stayed till 1am! I was SHOCKED that it was that late! We were having so much fun,time seemed to stand still.

The kids were asleep before we turned off of their street. I don't think they have ever been up that late. Ever. It was fun,and crazy! (apologies to the Millers if your reading this,Gary got called to go out to plow right as we were much for resting before having to be out all night/early morning)

Today was a lazy day around the house. We did school,and played,and read a.lot. And I attempted to catch up on laundry. (haha,it's never caught up!)

Oh,and we ate grapes.

And Jackson came into the kitchen with his paper towel on his head saying "hey look Mom,I'm like that lady we saw in Shipshewana that had a head covering on!". I could not stop laughing. Random. Yep. I know.

So,that's what we've been up to this weekend. Oh,and celebrating Riley's 3rd Birthday! More on that later's nearly 3am. Yeah,I know...I'm crazy.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Wow. The snow just keeps coming. If you've read my blog for anytime you know,I'm not a huge fan of snow. No doubt it's beautiful. I believe that whole heartedly.

From the inside of my warm house.

Bundling up four little ones,to go from the house,to the van.Then un-bundling to cram them into their car seats. Then bundling back up,to get out of the van. Then the tears from walking from the van to the store because it's "JUST SO COLD!". Yeah. Not really a fan.


The running off energy by doing front flips off the love seat,onto the ottoman. The noise levels being deafening. I'm nearly sure I'll need a hearing aide if we have another week of snow days.

But.We are still breathing.And laughing.And running around playing tag.And fighting over the motorcycle legos. And me. Well. I have to remind myself to take deep breaths. Take it all in.
And Keep going. This song has been my mantra this week.

Jackson just ran to me and said
"MOM THEY ARE DIGGING INTO MY LEGO BOX"....I said "Yeah,so?".....
Jackson- "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT...I'm MOVING....well...when it gets warmer!".

Gotta say I've felt the exact same way...but it's WAY funnier coming out of a seven year olds mouth. Gah, I can't believe he's seven!?!?!

What does it look like outside your windows this week? This is what it looks like out of mine...