Friday, February 11, 2011

3,it can't be!?! THREE!

I can't believe our precious baby boy Riley Samuel is three years old!

We went low key this year for his birthday. He asked to go to my parents on his birthday for a movie night. So,thats just what we did. He had a swiss cake roll with a number 3 on it. See,I can do low key! Then he asked to go to Shipshewana on saturday to ride the carousel and get a Jojo's pretzel. My in-laws tagged along. We seriously risked our lives driving out to Amish country. It was snowing something fierce. Nearly a white out at times. And my hubby was not feeling well, apparently he caught the virus our little boys had earlier in the week. I was really thankful my in-laws tagged along, as It's not easy to keep an eye on all four, on a carousel. Okay, near impossible by yourself.

We all had a great time eating pretzels, riding the carousel three times. Then heading back to my in law's home to open some presents from Aunt Kaity & Uncle Guy.

I thought I would share a few things Riley is up to now. He loves to sing. His favorite song is "three little birds". I love to hear him sing it, especially the chorus "Don't worwy about a fing,cause ebery wittle fing, is gunna be awright" at the top of his lungs. It's precious.

He loves to wressle and give hugs.

He will whisper in my ear "I wuve you so much, and I wuve Daddy."

He loves to cuddle in the mornings. He almost always wakes up early (around 6am) and comes to our bed for snuggles and will go back to sleep curled up between his Daddy and I and sleep till eight or later.

He loves bath time. Except last week when he had a fever, it was so cute, I had said earlier in the day he could not go outside because he had a fever and it was too cold. So when his big brother said "It's bath time Ry"...Ry responded saying "I tan't take a bafth dackson (Jackson) cause I have a feber (fever) and it too cold". We all snickered at that one.

He loves to play dress up with Clara. Nearly daily she has a dress on him,or better yet,one of her leotards. It's great.

He's a big boy. Think in the 100% tile for height. He's as tall as his older brother,and about eight pounds heavier! He wears a size 4t,and 11 shoe! Our Clara wore that shoe size last summer!

He brings so much laughter and delight into our family! Riley was quite the surprise baby for us. Well, most of our children were a surprise. haha! But, we are SO thankful,and SO blessed by his life,and presence in our family. And really thankful God had much bigger and better plans for our family than my husband and I did!
(More pictures to be added later)

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Melanie said...

YAY! I love 3 because it marks the end of the 'terrible two's' HA HA! :) My youngest will be 3 in Oct.

So nice to "meet" you today!
Melanie :)