Sunday, February 6, 2011


Wow. The snow just keeps coming. If you've read my blog for anytime you know,I'm not a huge fan of snow. No doubt it's beautiful. I believe that whole heartedly.

From the inside of my warm house.

Bundling up four little ones,to go from the house,to the van.Then un-bundling to cram them into their car seats. Then bundling back up,to get out of the van. Then the tears from walking from the van to the store because it's "JUST SO COLD!". Yeah. Not really a fan.


The running off energy by doing front flips off the love seat,onto the ottoman. The noise levels being deafening. I'm nearly sure I'll need a hearing aide if we have another week of snow days.

But.We are still breathing.And laughing.And running around playing tag.And fighting over the motorcycle legos. And me. Well. I have to remind myself to take deep breaths. Take it all in.
And Keep going. This song has been my mantra this week.

Jackson just ran to me and said
"MOM THEY ARE DIGGING INTO MY LEGO BOX"....I said "Yeah,so?".....
Jackson- "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT...I'm MOVING....well...when it gets warmer!".

Gotta say I've felt the exact same way...but it's WAY funnier coming out of a seven year olds mouth. Gah, I can't believe he's seven!?!?!

What does it look like outside your windows this week? This is what it looks like out of mine...

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