Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I have the cutest nephews ever. Oh, wanna bet? Here is my youngest nephew. We had a photo date the other day. He loves to smile, and boy do I melt.

 Oh, how blessed I am to have so many lil' babies in my life. Babies just make life amazing. Goodness knows, if I could, I'd probably have one every year. But, since I can't. I just love on all the babies around me. Enjoy!

 & Precious.

See. I told you he's cute. ;)


Meet our newest family member.

His name is Bailey. He's 6mo old. And A labradoodle. 
And currently, I have a love hate relationship with him.

He's not going anywhere. He's here to stay. We just need to work with him a bit.

He's a black ball of energy. But, he has a great deep bark. That catches me off guard and scares me. The hope and goal is that he will do the same to anyone trying to break into our house ever again.

So, yea. We love him. Some are working on liking him more than others. Amazingly enough, it's our youngest who's become ever so fond of him. I hear a lot of "Hey Buddy,tome hewere Buddy". Adorably cute. But, he too has a love hate relationship. As for some reason, most likely because it is freezing cold outside, Bailey does not like going #2 outside. He's messed on the kitchen floor twice. And then our youngest has thrown up twice, because, as he said " I HATE POOP!". Never a dull moment at our house. Thankfully, today Bailey seemed to over come this aversion and went outside. I did a happy dance, and scared the poor dog. So,there ya have it friends. Our dog, Bailey.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


What a week we've had. Through it all,we can see God's hand of protection, His peace that passes understanding. And, how very precious life is.

Last Saturday night, our life was interrupted. Actually it was morning. About, 1:48 in the morning. I had been in bed for almost an hour (was pulling a late night working on pictures). When I heard glass break,and shuffling downstairs. I sat up out of bed, thinking it was Elliott awake. I'd given him a glass of water that was sitting on the table, I assumed he dropped it. I put my robe on, and headed downstairs. Calling Elliott's name at the top of the stairs, for fear he might be walking through glass or something, I ran through the dining room, and into his room. Upon arriving in his room, I heard the back door close.
(Our Dining room,to your right is the stairs door I came down. The computer was sitting on the table)

It was at that moment that I realized someone was in our house.

All the boys were asleep. Clara was upstairs in her bed.

My heart sank to my feet, and I'd lost my voice last week. So I could not scream for Brandon. I walked cautiously through the living room,back through the dining room. Not knowing if someone was still in our house or not. Peeked into the kitchen and realized the back door window was broken out. I then ran upstairs, woke Brandon up.
(The view from the front door,you can see the window in the dining room. Most likely, they saw me working on the lap top,and waited till I went to sleep. Note:All the windows have shades now!)

I grabbed my phone and called 911.

Brandon grabbed his shotgun,and ran downstairs to check the house to make sure no one was still in our house. The sheriff was at our house in less than two minutes. Once he was there, I came downstairs, and we realized they stole our laptop.
(Our little kitchen table)

We'd only had it for three days.

 My new kindle fire was laying right next to it,and they did not take that. And, they unplugged my memory card reader (that had a memory card FULL of clients pictures) and the power cord.
(This was taken from the back door,where they broke in looking into our kitchen.)

 We are SO Thankful for God's protection. From our house,they went to our neighbors house and stole my precious neighbors purse. We believe the sirens in our driveway scared them out of her house before they could grab anything else.

Really, the laptop was the best thing they could have stolen. It had nothing on it, that was not already backed up. We were told we'd probably never get it back. But, that's okay. We've taken measures to protect our home. And, we've had many moments to reflect, pause, and thank the Lord for His protection.

We've decided to get a dog. The kids are thrilled about that. We'd told them we would get one when Riley was potty trained. We had just been putting it off. It's been really difficult to find one though. We are looking for a labradoodle or goldendoodle. We are really hoping we find one soon!!! So, once we get a cute cuddly addition to the family I'll post pictures.
On another note. Elliott had an EEG and the results were in-conclusive. We will be seeing a pediatric neurologist On Feb.8th. Hopefully we will have more answers after that. He has good days and bad days.
Seems as of later it's been more bad than good. He's sleeping a lot. We covet your prayers as we try to discern as his parents, his symptoms and keep track of them.
And (yea, I know, but there's been a lot going on! ) Brandon had a very promising interview today. We are hoping he hears something tomorrow. But, most likely won't hear anything until next week. We really hope God provides this job for him. He's very excited about the possibility.
I'm pretty exhausted as our Clara had dental work today, as did Elliott and Riley. Thankfully, my parents invited us over for pizza. And I thought I'd update the blog on the recent happenings at the Hartman household. I'm looking forward to a snow day tomorrow, the plan. Do. Nothing. :)

 Well, I'm sure I'll enjoy the moments of watching and playing with my kiddos in the snow.

Other than that. Nothing. Have a great weekend!