Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Meet our newest family member.

His name is Bailey. He's 6mo old. And A labradoodle. 
And currently, I have a love hate relationship with him.

He's not going anywhere. He's here to stay. We just need to work with him a bit.

He's a black ball of energy. But, he has a great deep bark. That catches me off guard and scares me. The hope and goal is that he will do the same to anyone trying to break into our house ever again.

So, yea. We love him. Some are working on liking him more than others. Amazingly enough, it's our youngest who's become ever so fond of him. I hear a lot of "Hey Buddy,tome hewere Buddy". Adorably cute. But, he too has a love hate relationship. As for some reason, most likely because it is freezing cold outside, Bailey does not like going #2 outside. He's messed on the kitchen floor twice. And then our youngest has thrown up twice, because, as he said " I HATE POOP!". Never a dull moment at our house. Thankfully, today Bailey seemed to over come this aversion and went outside. I did a happy dance, and scared the poor dog. So,there ya have it friends. Our dog, Bailey.

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