Monday, April 25, 2011

Park Days...

And so it begins. The wonderful days of playing at parks for hours. Calling friends and seeing if they want to meet us there.

Running,Jumping, and Climbing their little hearts out. And how they love to climb! Especially our Elliott!

Yes, those would be my children, the ones hanging from the tops of play ground equipment. Playing pioneers by using the river rocks to line a perfect "camp fire".

Playing tag, and screaming and laughing. Oh, how I've missed park days. There will be many,many more to come.

Just not this week. It's supposed to rain all week. Then again, maybe I'll load the kids up with their rain coats, boots, and umbrella's and go play in the rain. That is if it's not freezing cold.

There is hope, spring is here, as the grass is ever so green. And perhaps, just maybe, the weather man is all wrong. And Mr. Sun will come out tomorrow in all of his glory, and we will go out and frolic and play.

< Cue: Annie's theme song "The sun will come out tomorrow".

I have to admit though these rainy days, of staying inside our warm little nest, enjoying overhearing children playing they are : "Going to Kansas,because I've graduated from military school,and college,and all those other schools".. these rainy days are pretty swell too. I hope you all had a blessed Easter. We sure did. I will post more about it later...Mt.Saint Laundry is calling my name...I think I'm almost to the top peak...then begins the descent down putting it all away!
Oh, and now that I'm almost done, I see a little bit of blue skies outside, and perhaps a little sunshine! YAY!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday loveliness...

This morning my husband and oldest son left for a car show at our local fair grounds. That leaves the three kiddos and mommy this morning. We have had a relaxing morning together, just enjoying each others company.

I love how they all want to be on my lap in the morning. I love their energy in the morning, always bearing smiles, and crazy bed head hair.

I love how Riley loves this song

...and how he makes the cutest little face singing "oh,oh,oh....Eveybody wants to lubv".

I love how Elliott always, goes to get some kind of dress up outfit out. He is constantly changing what he has on. It's a cloudy day here today, pretty cold and wet. But, inside,it's warm. And happy. And Bright. And rather bushy tailed. And that is what makes my Saturday. Lovely. And love filled.

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday! And know you are loved today!

"21 Yet this I call to mind
and therefore I have hope:

22 Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed,
for his compassions never fail.
23 They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness."

Lamentations 3:21-23

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dish Washer...ramble.

One of my many job descriptions is "Dish Washer". Ya see, we don't have a "Dish Washing Machine"'s my job. Yep. I wash all of our dishes by hand. But, I don't wash dishes alone.

Not anymore. I have a cute three year old who L.O.V.E.S. "Waffing Dises".

And I LOVE his help. Don't worry, I re-wash everything that he "washes", he's not always so thorough. I just love hearing him giggle, and "scwub". Entertains him for at-least an hour. Sometimes I just fill the dish pan with soapy water,and give him the brush. Just playing in the water is great fun for him.

I love his crazy faces.

I love his "baby chub" that is sticking around a little longer than my other kids did.

I love to hear him say "I wub you so much"...

I love how he grins ear to ear. He grins especially big when he know's he's being naughty. As if to say "You know I'm cute know you love me". And I do.

I love our dish washing sessions...together. And when he is a teenager, I will remind him of how he loved washing dishes! It makes this mundane chore, so much fun when he's by my side.
This little lady draws. All. Day. Long. She loves to write letters to all of us. Daddy gave her his old franklin planner. And she carries it around everywhere. So. Precious!

This little lady is also getting glasses next week.
Now we will have two kiddos wearing glasses!
Speaking of Glasses...this little guy smashed his. And they will be fixed soon. Elliott is quite the ham lately. Constantly making us laugh. :)
In other news, I gave myself bangs. And layered my hair again. It's still long. Really long. But you can't see that in this picture.

I love the way a reddish tent to pictures can make them feel warm and fuzzy. Like those pictures of me as a baby taking my first steps. Knowing my mom grabbed her camera, as to not miss such a momentous occasion in my life. The tent has a way of making me feel nostalgic, and seeing the world through rose colored glasses. Speaking of my mom. She's been out of town this week, spending time with my brother, his wife, and my most precious nephew. They live in Georgia. And I'm a tad jealous my mom got to spend time with them, I was secretly hoping I could stuff myself into her suitcase and tag along.

(sorry it's so tiny, swiped it off of FB)
Seriously. Is my nephew not the cutest? That is my brother Ross, and my sister by love Olivia. I feel so blessed my brother choose such an amazing, precious, beautiful, loving, and kind girl to marry. She's become one of my dearest closest friends. Oh, and she's an artist! WAY.COOL! Can you tell I miss my family? We are counting down till July, when we will spend an entire week together in the mountains of North Carolina. I'm already stashing things away, to spoil my nephew silly. Pretty sure that's part of the job description of being the "favorite Aunt". (okay,so maybe I'm the only Aunt...for now. But, I'm never letting the "favorite" title go away!)
I took pictures of this adorable little girl this week. I know her Mommy is wanting to see a preview. So here's a few of my favorites. I love this age. Four. The year of magical moments, playing make believe, dressing up like fairy princess's, and sipping tea at many a tea parties. Oh, to be four, it's just grand! Clara was my little helper,showing Alyssa how I wanted her to pose. We had so much fun! :)