Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mommy is away...time to play!

While Bethany was gone today, Daddy decided we needed a cool project to work on. We thought about cleaning our rooms, doing dishes, or putting up c-mas decorations. But none of that sounded very fun. Then we remembered the "kit". My mom bought a gingerbread house kit for the kids, and we had not built it yet.

Our two oldest, ready to get started

Looks easy enough

Awesome, directions with pictures!

Can we eat it now dad?

Jackson using the "glue" (frosting)

Clara finishing the base

Big Brother telling sister what the next step is

Construction is complete. Now we have to wait? Yeah, 30 minutes to dry.

We "organized" (tasted) each kind of candy while we waited.

Starting to accesorize.

Building the sidewalk to the front door.

Finishing touches.

Thanks Grandma for buying this gingerbread house kit for us. We enjoyed putting it together, and will enjoy it more when we can eat it (after mommy gets to see it).

Monday, December 8, 2008

long day...

Hello friends,
Today has been a long day.I (Bethany) woke up this morning not feeling well. I had really bad stomach pain,that by nine am,was so bad I had to go lay back down in bed. Once the pain got so bad that I was feeling light headed,and thought I might pass out,I decided I better call the doctors office. They had me come in asap,then sent me to the hospital for a CT scan.The entire time I kept praying that it would not be my appendix,as the doctors thought.Prayers were answered,it's not my appendix or Kidneys.I have an infection,and two ovarian cysts. I have another doctors appointment tomorrow,and was sent home with the only pain medication I can take,Tylenol. Prayers would be appreciated. As the Tylenol does very little for the pain.I will be seeing my doctor tomorrow,to talk about the options,of either laproscopic surgery,or trying some different medications. Thanks again for all the prayers for our family during this time. To say things have been stressful is an understatement! Blessings to you All!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Prayers are being answered....

Just wanted to update everyone.I'm sorry that I have not posted sooner! I started working part time this week,and when I was not working I was either,cleaning my house,cleaning my mother in laws house,at bible study,or helping at Awana. Adam came home Wends night.One day earlier than we expected! God answers prayers! I have not been able to talk to anyone about how he is doing,I think they have had a flood of people visiting. Brandon is hoping to get off work early tonight,and go over to their house to see Adam.We have a pile of cards and pictures the kids have made for him that need to be delivered! I will post more after our visit! Got to go feed my many small children!
Thank you SO much for your prayers for Adam,please continue to pray for him,as this is going to be a long recovery.Pray no infection sets in.Also,pray for my sister in law Kaity,who is getting married in a little over two weeks! Pray she can continue to enjoy planning,and not get stressed out with everything else going on! Thanks Again every one!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Asking for many prayers...

Uncle Adam & Jackson
Making Memories...

Dearest Friends and Family,
The title of this post is an earnest plea for our christian community to pray.This weekend,Saturday to be exact.My husbands brother Adam,had a terrible accident.

He was at a shooting range scoping in his mussel loader,he had shot the gun a few times,went back to reload it,and while he was reloading it, the gun went off.

He shot his hands.

We are praising God he did not shoot him self in the head or,any of his friends standing around him.The gun shot through his right hand,shattering all the bones,then shot through his left hand's middle knuckle.He was taken to Our local hospital,who took x-rays and said "there is no nerve damage or vein damage",but they did not have any hand surgeons on call,so they sent him to Indianapolis.

Another huge praise.He got the best of the best at St.Vincents Hospital in Indianapolis.

After eleven hours of surgery the doctors released him to his room.The doctors at St.Vincents said our local hospital could not have been farther from the truth.There was extensive damage to the nerves.He only has one that was somewhat in tact in his right hand.There was no vein,so they pulled one from his arm.There were fiberglass pieces in his hand,that were like razor blades,and shredded all the muscle and nerves. Needless to say,the prognosis is grim.

But,we serve a MIGHTY God!

We are praying for Adam's complete healing. We went and visited him yesterday.He is doing as well as can be expected.The doctors won't say how much use he will have of his right hand.The left hand has a metal plate in his middle finger,that won't be able to move.but the rest of that hand should be okay.In a month,if he has some movement,they will remove a nerve from his leg,as well as do some skin grafts to try and repair the damage.

Please,friends,pray for our Adam. He is a dearly loved,Brother and Uncle to our little family. Please pray for my mother in law,Kay.As she is his primary care giver.Also pray for his girl friend, Drea.

He is still at St.Vincents and will be there until Thursday at least.

If you go to the hospitals website (linked above) you can register an account and send him a greeting. How awesome would it be to flood Adam with love and prayers! It takes a little time,but I think it's worth it!

Here are some pictures of Adam....
Elliott and Adam this summer...riding Adam's 4 wheeler

Jackson giving Adam a ride in Jackson's jeep!

And here are some from yesterday...he is going to kill me for posting these. I took them while he was sleeping,because he kept getting mad and trying to lift his hands up when people tried to take pictures.
We love you SO much Adam!
The picture below is his right hand,it is so swollen,about four times it's normal size.

That would be Drea by his side.She had not slept,so I was kind and did not ask to take a close up!