Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jacquline R. Allen

Wife,Mother,Grandmother,Aunt,Daughter,Sister...We loved her dearly.

I am not skilled to understand...

This song has been on repeat at my house today. My God was,He is,and He is always going to be.We are crying out to the Lord for strength right now,and he is granting it.I only know that at His right hand sit's my Savior,and right now I have hope in that fact.My Savior Loves.My Savior Lives.My Savior's always there for me. My God knew the events that would take place yesterday,and My Savior Love's us through the heartache.Thank you for your prayers,love and support.May you be blessed by this song as I have been today.

Monday, April 13, 2009

With heavy hearts...

My Aunt Jakki,holding her Grandson.

I was able to speek with my cousin Tiffany(17),my Aunt's youngest daughter.Please be praying for her,as well as her two older brothers Richard (24) and Marc (20).My Aunts name has been given to the press now.Her name was Jacquline Allen,she was 44.We ask that you lift up her husband,my Uncle Craig too,as this has been devistating to all involved.As well as the other families who lost loved ones in this tragic accident.Thank you for your prayers.

Dear Friends and Family,
I (Bethany) ask you all for prayers today.This afternoon I recieved a call that no one wants to recive. My Aunt was in a tragic accident,and was killed yesterday.Typing this seems so unreal. Many of you may have read a story about a speed boat hitting a tug boat.It made national news.My Aunt was one of the people on the boat who lost her life.Please be praying for my Uncle,and her three children.She was a dearly loved mom,grandma and aunt.I have chosen to not share her name at this time,because not all of the extended family has been notified.Thank you for your prayers and understanding.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

HI From E!

The other day I was trying to get video of Riley walking,and well,he was not interested in that.But,Elliott wanted to be on the camera.So,I decided to talk to him.Last week,he chipped his tooth,and got to take an early morning visit to the dentist. Thankfully,there was no permanent damage,and the tooth will be fine,the dentist just filed it down.And Elliott tolerated that okay,considering his age,and sensory issues. Here is his video clip the next morning,and if Mrs.Heather,or Mrs.Kathy are watching,at the end he DOES day YOUR names! ;)