Saturday, September 13, 2014

Beautiful moments...

What a chock full summer we have had! So many beautiful moments! Hands down one of my favorite moments was taking photo's of one of my dear friends babies. This friend has known me since I was awkward and thirteen years old! I am so grateful, that I have so many friends in my life, that have called me friend since...forever. Despite me being terrible at remembering important dates, rarely picking up the phone to call them, they know me. And choose to love me. We can pick up right where we left off. It's pretty great to have friends in your life, who are like that!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Whirlwind Summer...

It's been a summer to remember. Moving, my precious Grandmother passing away and taking a whirlwind trip to Indiana for her service, My Family Reunion, Friends and family visiting us, Many days spent at the pool, Our 11th wedding anniversary on July 11th. All while learning and exploring this new city we call home. Tomorrow we start school. Today, I remember and re-live the fun filled summer moments.
Most of these pictures were taken over the last week. My in-laws came down from northern Indiana to visit for a week. And boy, did we cram in a lot of fun, in seven days! I suppose that is one huge perk of where we live now. Never a lack of things to do. We went fishing, visited the aquarium, shopping, hiking, and the zoo. And unfortunately, while at the zoo, my camera malfunctioned. I only have a few photo's from that excursion, but it was tons of fun too! Overall it was a really fun week, though hot, it was beautiful! What a whirlwind fun in the sun packed summer we've had!

Huge thank you to my in-laws for entertaining us for a week! Many memories were made, and the kids are already talking about the next time you visit!