Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Roller Coaster

Do u like roller coasters? I'm not such a fan. And yet that's the best way to describe our life right now! We've been sick,Clara is the worst. She's been to the doctor twice. Through it all we've been praying Elliott would not get sick. He has an MRI in the morning. I received a phone call this morning that Elliott's insurance denied coverage for the MRI. I could not believe it! I called an advocate that we've worked with before. She went right to the director. In an hours time we got it approved, after many phone calls. That was a miracle from God. We need your prayers, Elliott woke up with a fever last night. He maybe getting sick,but if he gets sick the MRI will be re-scheduled. Please pray he stays well! We have been informed he needs to be sleep deprived,and can't eat. For a child that is SO hard.

On the job front Brandon had two interviews, and we are now waiting to hear back. We need one to work out.

On the robbery front,they know who broke into our house. And I was shocked to find out they believe it was a woman. From the beginning God has impressed on my heart to pray for whoever it was that invaded our house. I know how desperate times are. But I have never been hopeless. My hope Is in the Lord. This woman,who I now know her name,does not have that hope. In all honesty my
heart breaks for her.I pray she would know that we forgive her,that God loves her. That nothing can seperate her from the love of God. The sheriff is looking for her now,there is a warrant out for her arrest. Please pray for her and her family.

So there you have it a glimpse from our roller coaster ride of life. I have been studying the book of James. The Lord knew I needed to. In James 1:2 it says"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." Don't we all want to be mature. We all want to be complete. How awesome to know God wont leave us on this roller coaster alone, without a purpose. I want to persevere,it must finish its work. And you know what God promises? "Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test,he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him" (James 1:12) True Life is from God! Oh to be in His presence to be given a crown. How I love Him.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Girls Night

Last week, Clara and I had the privilege of having a girls night. 
Clara and her bffeliC (best friend for eternal life in Christ) Odessa.

Our BFF's invited us to go with them to a local hotel. To swim, hang out and relax. We had a lot of fun.
 I so enjoy being with my precious girl. A few other little girls came too. 

All of the girls swam, though my shy and reserved Clara did not venture out into the cold pool much. I've never been a fan of cold water, she likely has my genes when it comes to that. 

Then we ate pizza, swam some more, had ice cream sundaes, 
and watched Myla sleep. I love it when babies put their hiney up in the air! 

We went to bed.
 We woke up and had breakfast,
and then taught the girls how to play MASH.

Crazy fun silly girls!

 It was fun teaching them a game that I remember so vividly playing as a girl. Especially with my church friends, we would go off to my friends dad's office ( he was the associate pastor at our church) he had a white board in his office. And we'd play this game. 
We'd laugh our heads off as we determined what would happen in our futures.
It was so much fun.

 I'd like to title this picture "Baby got moves".
This is one of my favorite pictures. Not because the quality is that great. (the girl was bookin' it!) But, the memory of this moment makes me burst into laughter again, just like I did the moment it happened.
This is Myla, in all of her sassy glory, strutting her stuff like no other one year old I've ever seen.
This girl has a run way walk like no other!

And who can resist a ruffled squishy baby? Not me! :) And even though we all ended up sick. We still had a fun time. We joked that's just how we roll. The last time we ventured out to have a girls weekend...Odessa ended up sick. Next time, we must lay hands on the girls! Rebuke the sickness!


You all know the song, or do you not? Well, let me share it with you....
"I am slowly going crazy 123456,switch,crazy going slowly am I, 765432 switch."
Looking at our bed. Yes, that headboard is not the right size. But I just needed something there.
 I plan to make one, eventually.

Yes. That's been my theme song. Especially as of late. After our home was invaded by unwanted visitors,or as our children call them "Thieves and robbers". We decided to move our bedroom, downstairs, and move the boys upstairs. I'd not slept much since the incident. Knowing our precious boys were mere feet away from complete strangers, likely high on drugs, did not rest well. At. All. Nor did it for my husband, so he was very supportive when I said "I can't sleep up here, I must be on the main floor."

Looking in from the doorway. The frames were all ones I had, and I painted them. 
Still needing to print pictures for them.
Another shot of the bed.

I painted our initials on a plain canvas that I found at goodwill for a dollar. I did not do as good a job as I'd like to have done. But, it was cheap and filled the space. I used the wall color on it,and a tan that I just used to repaint the back entry. The candle sconces I inherited from my Great Uncle,they were gold. I painted them white.

 Did I mention I'm not keen on change though? Especially when it involves my entire house being turned upside down? We live in a cozy, err, small, bungalow. I prefer the title "cozy". So,therefor when two rooms are switched...the entire house is a disaster. Disaster, overwhelms me. I like order. Okay, that's an understatement. If there is one major thing God has had to work on me, it is giving over my "I can't do this,I'm so overwhelmed" thoughts to Him. It's when I cry out, and ask him to fill my very marrow with energy from Him, to empower me to get things done. That He does. Oh, how thankful I am that He cares for us in such a manor. In my weakness, He is strong. May seem silly, not a big deal, after all it's just switching rooms. But, when nearly everything is being turned upside down in my life, and then to have my house, literally turned upside down. I tend to freak out. If my husband read that, he'd laugh. But, he'd attest, that it's true. Again. One of many things I'm working daily on giving over to God. I suppose what it really comes down to is, control. Do I really believe God is in control? Am I willing to relinquish every little detail of my life over to Him?  I say whole heartily yes. But then my stupid flesh gives way, and I let fear, and anxiety creep in like an unwanted visitor. There again, I have to take that thought captive, relinquish my fears, and when I do. That is when He washes over me like a flood. Sorry for the rabbit trail.
 Milk glass vase I got at goodwill for two dollars. The little organizer is from targets dollar bins.
 Another milk glass vase from goodwill one dollar, and the bird is from there as well I think it was fifty cents. I bought the shelves a while ago at good will for a dollar each. The cherry blossom sticks are from my cousins wedding arrangements. She gave one to me, and I love the reminder of her.
 Willow tree was a gift from my in-laws, starfish is a reminder of my home state.
 Books are my mothers,when she was a little girl. The book ends are from goodwill, got them a while ago as well. Little beaded box is from my Mom.
Found this gem at goodwill for three dollars! I was so excited! I'd been looking for something to store throws in. It's a little tattered, but I like it that way.Not to mention it will be a great photography prop!

Of course once I finally had gotten some semblance and order back around here, I got sick. Likely due to lack of sleep, and possibly paint fumes. I'm still not feeling well at all, but was able to get a few pictures of our bedroom a few days ago. The sun was shining (rare in these parts) and I had to take advantage of the natural light while I could. All in all, the room turned out to my liking. The paint color is Dutch Boy, and when I first rolled it onto the walls. I was worried. It looked very minty. NOT the color I was going for. But, once it dried, I loved it!

 The total cost for everything in the room is as follows:
$25- paint
$5- painting supplies(why is it I seem to never be able to find a paint brush/roller around here when I need it?)
$5-decorative accessories (I had a coupon for goodwill,$5 off a $10 purchase,score!)

(Bedding was a gift a few anniversaries back,from my parents. Shutter's headboard, Brandon made for me while we were dating,err,courting, whatever, before we were married. Desk inherited,as was the mirror. The side tables were also inherited.Curtains I got on clearance a few years ago.Lamps are from Hobby Lobby. They were also on clearance a few years back.)

Total: $35 dollars
Sleeping through the night = Priceless!

Money is super tight around here, so I had to keep a tight budget. I'd like to do more. And there are things we have to do. Like fix the drawer the boys broke. And repaint the ceiling, but first we have to put up a new light fixture. But, for now. It works. So there is our cozy room. If you read all of this, I'm impressed.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


(Wrote this on valentines day)

On this day,eleven years ago, I was 17 years old. I was invited to lunch, by a cute guy. Having no clue of his intentions. A friend of mine tagged along, she was convinced something was up. I on the other hand was not even aware it was valentines day. So this guy picked me up,and on the way to get my friend he was very quiet. Strange I thought, as we usually hit it off and would have much to talk about. All three of us teens, ran an after school Bible Club at a local elementary school. That was what I thought we were meeting about. After a classy meal at steak and shake we dropped my friend off, then headed to my house. Conversation came a little more naturally, we were joking and laughing when we arrived at my house. I walked to the door,and turned around to see this guy standing right in front of me. He said, "close your eyes". Me having two brothers, and thinking that must mean some kind of prank would ensue, I refused. He kept asking me to, until I finally ablidged, but only if he got off my porch. Surely he could not do much ten feet away! When he told me to open my eyes he was holding the most beautiful bouquet of red roses I'd ever seen. I nearly passed out! This guy,well more like boy. Then proceeded to tell me how much our friendship meant to him. How he had been watching me, praying for me, and wanted to get to know me more. He asked me if I would court him. Yes, you read that right. Courtship is different than dating, its intentionally getting to know someone with the purpose of marriage. He had already asked my Dad for permission. I remember standing there in total shock. This boy was different. He revered me. Respected me. Sought me. I will never forget what he finished with " But, if you don't want to court me, than accept these flowers out of a sincere friendship. For it would be better to remain
your friend, than not in your life at all." I could feel my heartbeat. I agreed to meet as families. To discuss it further, and committed to pray about it. Turned around and walked into my house. No hug,no kiss, I don't think I even said thankyou! If you can't tell, this girl does NOT think quick on her feet. Well, that guy/boy. Is now my husband. We have had our fair share of troubles and heart ache. Its a miracle of God we are still married. We aren't perfect, but we are perfect for eachother. I am SO thankful God saw to it to move a southern girl north, to meet her prince charming

Monday, February 13, 2012 we know it.

What a week we've had. I've had many not so good moments. But,thankfully. The good moments,have
Elliott showing me his bat man guy while we were playing. On a good day.

Elliott sucking his thumb,while Mamma holds him. On a not so good day.

Elliott had his appointment with his neurologist at the children's hospital. I meant to write and update on this earlier. But, I've been processing, and navigating. 

As I was driving in to the parking garage at the children"s hospital, my eye caught a mom driving out. She was crying, there was a car seat in the back of her car. My heart sank. That is the reality I was driving into. That could be me. I wanted to stop the car, jump out and hug her. I wanted to not be going in. But we did. It went very well. His Dr. was quite thorough. Spent over an hour with us. She said many things, and was telling me all of the possibilities of his symptoms. I was there in body, but my mind was racing out of the room. Wanting all of this to be a bad dream. He had labs scheduled for the next day. Has another EEG to endure. And a MRI. She wants to rule out any brain development abnormalities, or tumors. I heard her say that, but I to this moment can't believe she did. I don't want to believe it. Refuse to until we know other wise. Elliott was so good, and brave. It helped that it's a children's hospital. There was a dog theme throughout. He loved that. We even got to pet and play with a therapy dog. They gave him a sucker, and yet another sticker. I think he's been given a couple hundred of them. He's not so thrilled about them anymore. After the appointment, I treated him to chick-fil-a. His favorite. I sat there, watching my little boy play in the play place with the other children. Mom's sitting chatting. And the reality of everything that's been going on waved over me. Like a heavy fog, not being able to know what is ahead of us. It was as if time stood still. I've never felt so numb, and yet so present. I loved our lunch together. I loved how he came up to me and said "Mamma, I met a new friend. I told him my name! I used my words Mamma!" . My heart swelled. In that frozen moment of time, he was a happy, normal child. Making friends. Playing. Those moments are few as of late, and man it was wonderful to bask in it. Just enjoying the moment, and the view up close. It's so close. So close to my heart, it hurts, a lot. I know God is weaving together a beautiful tapestry. And one day, we will be able to step back,and see it all. It's just that right now, we are far to close,and not enough threads in to His pattern. All I gotta say is it's going to be one rockin' tapestry! 

 So, we wait. Trusting God with the health and well being of our precious boy. Knowing His ways are perfect. Clinging to His words of comfort. And listening to this song. over. and over.

Our Sweet Riley. And a few. err. Many pictures I've taken lately of him. 
 caught using scissors,in his sisters room. So,I took a picture. He was using them correctly.;)
 Melt my heart. He's so ornery.
 and so sweet.
 and so silly.
 and goofy.
 and precious.
 and colors with mittens on. Yea, that's how cold it is here. kidding.
 and adorable.

  Yes. I'm still in denial. He's growing entirely too fast. Oh how I love him. He's our ray of sunshine and joy. Making me smile with his many faces. Stopping my heart with his fearlessness. Wanting to do everything his big brothers and sister do. He's my baby. Forever. And this profile picture.

Jackson and Clara have been doing school, playing with friends, and loving the little bits of snow we have gotten. Very.little.bits.
 Clara needed new shoes, and God provided! Found a pair in new condition at a local resale shop!

 Chalk board,we write the date everyday.

 Trio "time machine"
 Sweet girl
 LOOK! It's BLUE skies! View out our window in the school room.
 Doing school,while listening to tunes. 

We thank you all for your prayers. There is a job possibility for Brandon this week, we are praying it works out! And, I'm quite busy doing pictures this coming week. God is good. All the time. Have a blessed week. We will let you know the results of Elliott's tests, when we know them.