Monday, February 20, 2012

Girls Night

Last week, Clara and I had the privilege of having a girls night. 
Clara and her bffeliC (best friend for eternal life in Christ) Odessa.

Our BFF's invited us to go with them to a local hotel. To swim, hang out and relax. We had a lot of fun.
 I so enjoy being with my precious girl. A few other little girls came too. 

All of the girls swam, though my shy and reserved Clara did not venture out into the cold pool much. I've never been a fan of cold water, she likely has my genes when it comes to that. 

Then we ate pizza, swam some more, had ice cream sundaes, 
and watched Myla sleep. I love it when babies put their hiney up in the air! 

We went to bed.
 We woke up and had breakfast,
and then taught the girls how to play MASH.

Crazy fun silly girls!

 It was fun teaching them a game that I remember so vividly playing as a girl. Especially with my church friends, we would go off to my friends dad's office ( he was the associate pastor at our church) he had a white board in his office. And we'd play this game. 
We'd laugh our heads off as we determined what would happen in our futures.
It was so much fun.

 I'd like to title this picture "Baby got moves".
This is one of my favorite pictures. Not because the quality is that great. (the girl was bookin' it!) But, the memory of this moment makes me burst into laughter again, just like I did the moment it happened.
This is Myla, in all of her sassy glory, strutting her stuff like no other one year old I've ever seen.
This girl has a run way walk like no other!

And who can resist a ruffled squishy baby? Not me! :) And even though we all ended up sick. We still had a fun time. We joked that's just how we roll. The last time we ventured out to have a girls weekend...Odessa ended up sick. Next time, we must lay hands on the girls! Rebuke the sickness!

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