Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Family Reunion...

Allen Family Reunion 2009
Lake Junaluska,North Carolina
Pictured above is the entire Allen Family.These would be all of my Dad's side of the family.My Dad is the oldest of six children.Every other year we meet for one week at Lake Junaluska.I am so blessed to be a part of such a loving family.Once again this year we had so much fun together.The scenery is breathtaking,the fellowship is heartwarming,the fun is never ending!We sure did miss Aunt Jakki,and her son Richard his wife Portia and their two children were unable to attend.Our shirts were all made by my cousin Jackie's husband
(thank you Eric!)This year we decided to meet at the cross,that overlooks the lake,to have pictures taken.The picture taking ended with my Dad reading the story of the cross at Lake Junaluska and how it came to be lighted every night.What a wonderful time,to be together as a family,at the foot of the cross,praising our Lord for another year together,and reflecting on the times spent with our Nana,Popop and Aunt Jakki who have all gone on to Glory.Below is a picture of the "Grand kids".There are 17 Grand kids! And,the next picture is of my Dad and his siblings (yes,my Dad is a twin).Our Parents all went to high school together,and most of them dated while in high school.They all grew up in Miami Florida.Just to give you an idea of how many people are in our family
....here is every one's names.
Rhema(expecting a baby boy),Natalie,Joseph,Claire,Karina,Indie,Sensi,Ishen,
Marc,Richard,Portia(expecting a baby),Seamus,Lylian.
This years reunion was dedicated to the memory of my Grandparents,
Nana(Jan) and Popop(Woodie),and Aunt Jakki.
All of the Grand kids,not so little anymore!Ranging in age from 30ish,to 11!

Pictured left to right,youngest to oldest:Craig,Doug,Becky,Cindy,Randy,Steve.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Our Miss Clara...
This series of pictures was taken at Clara's doctors appointment this week.See,Miss Clara has asthma,and has been spending quite a bit of time at the doctors office lately trying to get on on the right combination of medications.Well,we think we have found the right combo,and she is doing great!Waiting around in a doctors office is not really all too fun,okay,so it's SOOOO boring!And,I never say the "boring"word.But,being that I'm a germ-a-fobe,I don't let the kids play around with the toys in the office,so we just sit there.Well,I just happened to have my camera with me...
and the following took place....

I realize I am partial,but this smile is just the sweetest to me!Oh,she is so sweet,and those beautiful eyes get me every time!
We are so blessed to have our little princess Clara!

And this is when we got silly...I can't help but laugh when I see these pictures!She is SO shy around strangers...but I promise you she is NOT that way around us! See for yourself!

"Don't mess with me Doc,I'll sick my brothers on you!"

This video would be of Clara singing,then realizing I was taping her,and becoming bashfull,leading to mommy singing...and that stopped soon...as mommy singing is SO not as cute and sweet as Miss Clara!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Six Years Today...

July 11th 2003
On this day six years ago I married my prince charming.We rode off in a little carriage the sun setting behind us,and I remember looking at him exclaiming
"Can you believe it?!We are married?!"
I love him ever so much,and am so thankful for my husband.Though we have had our fair share of struggles,no doubt.It's easy to look at a blog of pretty pictures,and perfect layouts and think...
"wow,they have it all together".
We Don't.
Only by Gods grace and love have we made it this far,and we look to Him for our future.We both love eachother dearly,and choose to love eachother though the valleys.And are thankful for the glipses from the mountain tops.
I just gotta brag on my man for a minute...My sweet,thoughtful and totally over the top hubby surprised me to two second row tickets to a concert,of one of my favorite artists, in October, in Indianapolis.
I can't wait!
I was SO surprised,and he knows how much I love shopping,and has told me that we will go shopping on Saturday of that weekend.That is truly a gift from the heart...seeing as my husbands favorite passtime is not shopping.
(he even already has a babysitter for the kids lined up!)
Thanks honey for being a loving and supportive husband, I love you SO much!
oh and...
"Can you believe it,we are STILL married!" lol :).

4th of July

Fourth Of July Fireworks Show!

This would be my mother in law,and father in law.They were laughing at the kids trying to play card games.And that is my brother in law Guy.
Miss Clara...with her princess necklace on and glow ring.My kids LOVE those glowring necklaces!
Mommy tried a new "do" on Clara for the fireworks!I'm enjoying having her hair longer now...she wants to grow it out to her waist.Her little dress I found at goodwill and could not pass it up!Perfect for the 4th!

Riley kept going around to everyones little chairs and testing them out.Reminded us of goldy locks!Love this grin of his,and of course,his sisters princess chair!

Playing cards with Aunt Kaity.Kaity and Guy came to town for the weekend.It was great seeing them,and boy did my kids love seeing their Auntie Kaity!Thankfully my friend thought to bring games and fun stuff for the kids to do.I on the other hand did not.I simply brought food!lol!

Three Generations of Hartmans.Dad and Riley are exchanging glances.:)

Umm...Aunt Kaity...what card is this?
We have been going to this fireworks display every year for the last ten years.This year the fireworks display was great!Elliott was not so sure about the loud booms,and stayed put on my lap the entire time.I will say this was the loudest year by far.It was so loud,we could hear the booms echo,and you could feel the boom in your chest when they went off.Pretty powerful!We had a great time,and look forward to many more in the future!

Black Raspberry Picking

A Black Raspberry Picking we will go....
We have an abundance of Black Rasberry bushes that line our back yard.On Sunday Before the fireworks that evening my hubby took the kids outside to go pick Berries.
And boy did they ever!
The kids picked until their little hands were purple.
Oh,and were the Raspberries were so tasty!

Daddy giving the kids rides around the back yard.We have another field behind that tree line that is part of the property too.The kids have SO much fun playing and running around way back there!Oh,and that tree is as huge as it looks,and as dead too!
Fruit of their labors!This is the biggest tupperware bowl I own,and by the time they were done it was filled to the top!

Fun Times With Daddy!We loved watching Riley in the back,his little chubby cheeks were-a-bouncing while riding along.I could not stop laughing! You could tell by his grin that he thought he was pretty big stuff sitting next to his big brother.

And that would be our lovely back yard,lined with Black Raspberry Bushes.Home Sweet Home...

Popop's Concert...

My Dad plays in a local Jazz band.And the kids love going to his concerts.A few weekends ago was our local Jazz Festival.It's actually quite well known.People travel from all over to attend.We packed a lunch and headed out for a fun evening down town.These are the only pictures I got with my camera,because my Dad let me use his while we were there (he is a professional photographer=sweet camera)Anway,the picture of the flowers,is a flower quilt.And Elliott only ran through it twice.Note to self:never sit near an intrically landscaped garden quilt when you have toddlers.Hence why the boys are pictured sitting in their strollers,where they remained the rest of the time!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kate needs Prayers....

This sweet family is going through ever so much.Would you please lift up their little girl Kate,as she is enduring a battle that no child should have to endure.Pray for Kate....And get to know her family.Thank you!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great Give away!

I am all about personalized items! And this company is great at making personalized tiles.Have a friends birthday coming up? Need a good anniversary gift? Or maybe you just want a lovely tile to hang in your home?! Check them out! And,they are giving away some free stuff on their blog too! Pretty awesome!

Mom 2 Mom

How I LOVE this group of Ladies!
On every Tuesday morning I have the privilege of getting together with these wonderful ladies for bible study and fellowship.I look forward to it every week.Our group is aptly named "Mom 2 Mom". The thing I love the most about this group(besides great bible study material,sweet fellowship and prayer time,and yummy coffee and treats),is that it's Mom's of all ages,and even some "Grand"-mom's too! These dear ladies have become some of my dearest friends.We have gone on break for the summer,and man,do I miss them! We have a get together in a few weeks,and I can't wait! The pictures above were taken on our last day of study this year,we had a little shower for the two new babies that were born into our group.I love a good reason to go shopping,and buy baby stuff! :)