Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mom 2 Mom

How I LOVE this group of Ladies!
On every Tuesday morning I have the privilege of getting together with these wonderful ladies for bible study and fellowship.I look forward to it every week.Our group is aptly named "Mom 2 Mom". The thing I love the most about this group(besides great bible study material,sweet fellowship and prayer time,and yummy coffee and treats),is that it's Mom's of all ages,and even some "Grand"-mom's too! These dear ladies have become some of my dearest friends.We have gone on break for the summer,and man,do I miss them! We have a get together in a few weeks,and I can't wait! The pictures above were taken on our last day of study this year,we had a little shower for the two new babies that were born into our group.I love a good reason to go shopping,and buy baby stuff! :)

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