Monday, June 29, 2009

"Not Me" Monday!

I follow a blog of a lady whom I have quite a bit in common with.And she started this idea of being brutally honest,about what she did,while claiming she did not,and I happen to love it!This is officially my first not me monday post,but I'm sure it wont be the last!
This week has been hot,yet that is no excuse to not play outside according to my small children.While playing outside we turned on the children were not so thrilled with that,they had fun,but did not like getting sprayed in the face.I most certainly did not unhook the sprinkler,and use the hose to let them play in the mud,and upon Elliott's diaper getting full did not let him run around naked,being that we live on a very busy street,I would never let my children run naked.Not me!
Last week was Vacation Bible School,every morning,and I most certainly did not let my two oldest wear their special shirts that were a tad damp because I did not put them in the drier before going to bed the night before.Who would make their children wear damp clothes to VBS? Not Me!
Riley has had issues with runny diapers as of late,and after changing all of his bedding for the third time,I did not put him to sleep on the mattress with no sheets for his nap.How uncomfortable,I mean really.Not Me!
I would never tell my daughter,when company was coming over,to take all of her toys in her room and put them in her "secret hiding place",so her room would "look" clean.Who would encourage their children to be pack rats?!Not me!
And lastly,I did not take a nap for two hours yesterday afternoon,even though there was water in our basement (again) and it needed to be cleaned.Who would leave standing water in their basement,to take a nap,how selfish!?Not Me!


Tara said...

whats more summer day than naked toddlers running under a spinkler. im sure no one would be offended by that!
try a training pant (a size or two bigger than he regularly wears) over top of the diaper. worked wonders for stopping poop blowouts! :)

Madison said...

Thanks Bethany!!! May your day be good to!!!!

Love, Madison

Tiff said...

Stopping by from MckMama's blog, I also have four kids, five and under, with three boys and one girl! I never knew there were so many of us out there!

Cute blog!