Saturday, June 13, 2009

Daddy+Dirt=Delighted Children

A Day Outside With Daddy...

Daddy had a day off,on wednesday.The weather was great,and we worked outside all day.I planted flowers,weeded,put multch down,etc.While Daddy trimmed bushes,cleaned up the yard,changed the oil in the van,mowed the grass etc.The kids had so much fun getting dirty,playing and spending the entire day outside!
Daddy was helping teach the boys to play Golf.They Loved it! Don't mind the boys being shirt-less,we hosed the dirt off their hands,and their shirts got wet,so,they took their shirts off,and thought that was GREAT!
Miss Clara Climbing a Tree,I think this maybe one of few pictures with out a bow in her hair!Daddy was in charge,and Daddy does not "do" bows! :)

Elliott hitting the ball...scroll down for a video of him hitting the ball.He would get SO excited and squeal "I did it!" and then do a little dance that involved spinning around,he would get dizzy and fall over.He did this for about an hour!

This is what our pic-nic table looked like...WHAT A MESS! The kids had a great time with worms they dug up,and the dirt.See the worm on the table?!

Daddy dug a deep hole to bury stuff (burned down trash) in.I know that sounds like we live in the sticks.(ha)


Erica said...

how cute!

Bethany said...

Love it! What is it with little boys and their magnetic attraction to mud?!?! What fun! This also explains the 30 load of laundry you do each week! :-)