Thursday, June 11, 2009

The weather has been so nice,and a few weeks ago we met up at the park with some friends of ours.These friends were actually at our house today (hello Bethany W,and Boys,she has a blog too!).Bethany Wesco and I have been friends long before we were married,or had babies! What a blessing to have likeminded friends! Our time spent together soaking up the sunshine,while watching our little ones play so nicely together was wonderful! I am sure we will have many more days of fun in the Sun,while giving praise and honor to the Son of our Lord we serve!!! Sorry for the lack of pictures,apparently,I was busy,and forgot to take any pictures of the other three children not pictured! Above is Clara,what a sweet look on her face. Jackson,and lil'Jonathan,whom have become good buddies! Of course then there is Riley sipping mommy's drink...he always thinks my drink is better than his!

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