Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Friday!

Show Us Where You Live...
Kelly over at Kelly's Korner Blog,is hosting her weekly tour of homes.Today is bathrooms,and we have one! lol! So here is our little bathroom in all it's glory.This bathroom was wallpapered too.We took that down,used a bunch of kills because there was mold behind the wall paper,and then I found this cute border at a wallpaper store,it was on clearance for two dollars a roll!There are new curtains in here now,these pictures are from last year.And,if any of you follow my blog,you will know that I missed the last few weeks of the tour.So,I'm catching up,you will also see pictures of our living room,dining room,and kids rooms!

We recently got new furniture,perks of having a hubby that sells furniture! The dining room below is going to be re-painted one of these days.I want to go darker,to match the couches.I made all the curtains for a grand total of fifteen dollars for all of them.

Riley's Room...

This is his diaper bag.It's a Kalencom.And I pretty much love it.Yes,we only have one diaper bag.I used to switch out all the time when I just had one,or even two children,but now with four,it's easier to just have one! It's stocked and ready to go all the time.
Riley's room was floor to celing wall paper that we (well my mom and dad and aunt and I)painted over.This is my favorite room.The crib was mine when I was a baby,I just painted it white.The changing table my mother in law baught for us at a re-sale shop.The glider was a gift from my Grandmother.I also love the built in dresser in his room,SO HANDY!I made the curtains out of a dust ruffle I got at goodwill for a few dollars.The letters above his bed are from hobby lobby,paid 7.50 for all of them.The toile prints I got at hobby lobby too,for 4.00 each.the white shelves I also got from goodwill. A dollar each.

The hooks above the changing table are also from goodwill,got all three for a dollar.One is a boat,truck,and airplane,all green and blue.You can see my trusty sling hanging on his changing table,we use that,a.lot.!

The little rocking horse my grandmother got for Riley from land of nod.I love that catalog!

Jackson and Elliott's Room...aka Mickey Mouse Cowboy Room...

Anyone who knows me,knows I don't "do" characters.At.All.So,the fact that I let my son pick the theme of his room,and then agreed to it,is pretty amazing.He wanted Cowboy Mickey Mouse.So,my original idea was to just go western,with a few older mickey mouse toys here and there.Then I searched online,and found a line made a few years ago by disney co. and it's the old Mickey Mouse,dressed as a cowboy...I could not resist.And,paid a whole eight dollars,for the curtains,border,sheets,and pillow cases(love ebay!).Seriously,if I decide to change it in a year,it's not like it broke the bank.Plus,goodwill has been a great sourse for all kinds of Mickey Mouse stuffed animals,and those make great decorating "accents" (lol).No the boys do not have formal bedding.I have not had the money to invest in it.Mostly I am waiting,I know Mickey won't be around for forever! Below is Elliott's toddler bed,a friend of mine is letting us borrow.The old suitcases I got at goodwill for five dollars !I want to get letters for each of their names and paint them red,and hang them over their beds,just have not had that in the budget to do yet.

Clara's Corner...

I made her bedding,curtains,and window seat cover,
gotta love wal-mart's dollar fabric section,got 20 yards for 20 bucks!Still have to finish up her bed-skirt,and throw pillows. I am also needing to cover her headboard.I want to put her monogram on a fabric cover for that.

Don't mind the air conditioner,it gets warm up stairs,because the attic is on either side of their rooms.And our children are naturally warm blooded!

Those little doors open to a crawl space,that is finished with her baby dolls and such,thats her "secret hiding space" ;)


BOWquet said...

Beautiful house!!! Simply gorgeous!! :) And adorable kids!

january.mommy said...

Your house is really cute. I really love your yellow dining room and your little girl's bedroom. I'm impressed with all the things you've sewn. Sounds like you're quite the bargain hunter too! Isn't it the best feeling to find something at a great bargain?!