Thursday, June 11, 2009


This picture is for my mom,Flamingos!
Riley was so attentive and excited about all of the animals,perhaps he will work at a zoo,he already lives in one! (haha,kidding)

Feeding the super huge aggresive fish!

Jackson,looking off to see the other animals,posing for mom is not nearly as much fun as looking at wild animals!

pointing to everything!

Clara loves Aunt Kaity,walking hand in sweet!

Adam pushing Riley

"What dat?! Aunt Kiki?" -Elliott
"That's a yak,Elliott"-Kaity
"A WHA?"-Elliott

Clara looking at the tiger,Elliott ready to move on to the next thing...

"Oh,look a tiger"

We also went to the Zoo.Kaity (Brandon's newly married sister) was in town and so we decided to spend the day together at the zoo,my mother in law,and Adam tagged along too!We had fun,and it was a perfect day weather wise to go stroll around the zoo.Thanks for going with us everyone!!Oh,and this was Riley's first visit to the zoo!Well,he went last year,but slept the entire time! :)

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