Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Carosel Fun!

Shipshewanna...Amish Country...

My Grandmother was here visiting for about a month.We had a wonderful time visiting with her.One day we all went out to Shipshewanna.My Dad graciously offered to watch Riley,since he is very dependant upon getting a nap! Whenever we get out of the car I always say find a hand.They know to not even think about not holding someones hand!I realized that I have never gotten a picture of that,because I am usually holding Riley! The kids had so much fun riding the carousel! Jackson wanted to get on a medium size one,that went up and down.Clara wanted a stationery animal to sit on.Elliott wanted to ride the biggest animal,that went the highest! There is a fun toy store in Shipshe and christian bookstore the kids love to visit as well! It was a fun day for all!

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