Monday, June 22, 2009

Showin our love for Daddy...

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!
Yesterday we made cinnamon rolls for Daddy,and served them to him in bed.Jackson was not too happy to be up so early in the morning,as we had to do this before church.(see Picture below)Then Riley woke up screaming,and felt warm.He had a low fever,and had been up most of the night before.(Mommy did night duty,so mommy was worn out too).We are pretty sure he is teething,and cutting his last few molars.Poor baby was not very happy yesterday.Hence why we don't have many pictures of him.We gave Daddy a pair of crocs to wear around the house,our Daddy likes to be outside,and the kids thought he needed some crocs like theirs.Elliott and Clara took Daddy his breakfast of Cinnamon rolls,bacon,and fruit salad.Daddy was SO excited!Clara made some beautiful cards for Daddy,and the boys signed them.(Jackson let Clara make the cards cause he said "she makes better hearts and flowers than I do"!haha) We ended up not going to church,because Riley was pretty much in-consolible.I just did not have the heart to leave him in the church nursery.He ended up falling asleep as we drove to my inlaws for lunch.I have an adorable picture of him with his arms behind his head (it's known that all the men on my side of the family sleep this way,Riley is carrying on the family tradition) I had to run by the store on the way to our family lunch,I was bringing dessert,and the kids decided they wanted to make ice-cream Sundays!My mother in law put on a wonderful lunch,and we had a ton of food to choose from.After we ate,it became apparent that we needed to go home and put the little boys down for naps.So we did just that.And,my sweet wonderful husband,told me to go lay down too,and he entertained Jackson and Clara.Did I mention how much I love my husband?!
I am SO thankful for my husband,my children's Daddy.I grow to love him more daily.I don't want to come across as everything being so perfect,because,it's not.Because,niether my husband,nor I are perfect.But,My husband is perfect for me,and us. He is a hard worker,and provides for his family.He loves his children,and takes time out to show the Love of God to them too.He desires to train them to love God with All their Hearts,to be radical Christians,on fire for God.I love him for that.I love that we believe and have the same values,and want to instill those in our children.I love that he encourages me,and the our Children,in even the little things.I love that he takes time on his days off to play outside with the kids,and take them out,so I can get things done.I love that he loves his family more than anything,and would do anything for them.
So,honey,on behalf of our children,thank you,for being the best Daddy for our Children.And for pointing them to their Heavenly Daddy.We LOVE YOU!
This last picture was taken by Jackson,he had the camera in his back pack,and I did not know it! He took this picture,and I love it for so many different reasons.Yes,my son took it,but I think it's a wonderful example of how our children are always watching.And that we are the leaders in their lives,Directing them in the Path of Rightousness for His Names Sake.Okay,so maybe thats getting a lot out of a blurry picture,taken from the back of our mini van,in front of wal-mart.What can I say,I like to look for God,and things he is trying to teach me, in the little things! Blessings to you all sweet friends!


Jackie said...

I sleep with my hands behind my head too. So, it must not just be the men! lol...Rylan does it too. Eric's been elbowed a few times in the eye in his sleep. whoops! Glad you guys had a great Father's Day!

Madison said...

Hey Bethany! I love your blog it's so pretty!! Thanks for commenting and following! Ilove getting new followers. See ya at reunion which is 26 more days not that counting or anything.

Love, Madison