Friday, November 21, 2008


Today we woke up to snow,and a lot of it! As I sit in my warm house, looking out on the blanket of white snow,I think of two things.

1.Christ dying for me,my sins,and how His love covers all the yucky imperfections of me. Just like the snow covers all the mud,dirt,and the millions of leaves we did not get raked up before it snowed.
2.I think about how God has blessed me,with a warm home,healthy children,warm food to feed them,coats to clothe them,etc.Then I think about the Mom's in Romania,in the gypsy village,who have no heat,cold dirt floors,no food,no coats,and sick children.

I have so much to be thankful for,and SO much that I can bless others with.
During the next week,while you are partaking in the feast of Thanksgiving,don't forget the millions of people who don't have food to eat.Perhaps you could invite a widow to your thanksgiving dinner,or an international student who can't afford to go home over the holidays,or a family who does not have the money to have Thanksgiving Dinner due to job loss.And,maybe you could pray for the orphans of Romania on thanksgiving day,before you and your family sit down to eat. Or just maybe you would like more information on how your church can host an orphan Sunday.Pray about it,and Please don't hesitate to ask for more information! Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

"For where two or three come together in my name,

there am I with them." Matthew 18:20

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The faces I see...

How could I ever forget these children? Throughout my day,I'm reminded of their sad eyes.I hope these pictures give you an idea of the hurt,pain,and loneliness these children are facing on a daily basis. Pathway is working on meeting their needs.We have so many ways for you to get involved,or for your church to get involved.Consider hosting an orphan Sunday.Perhaps your family would like to sponsor one of these children,or donate money to help with the costs of building a school for these kids.As you look as these precious Children of God,may He prick your He did ours...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So much to report...

There are so many exciting things happening at our house.We are praising God that Brandon was offered a job and started last week.

That was a HUGE answer to prayer for us!The hours are long,and I sure miss his help around the house,but,we are so grateful for a job!

"J" Giving "R" some loving,while "C" strikes a pose!This was while we were sick last week...hence the naked baby,and mis matched clothing of the other two!lol
With in the next three weeks...

"E" turns two
"C" turns four on sat,
"J" turns five next week!

And "R" is pulling himself up on everything to stand,won't be long now and he will be walking!

In Romania things are happening too! In the gypsy villiage,the school has been started. Inside the school there will be showers,with running warm water! Also,that water will help heat the school,the children will have a shelter that provides education and warmth! A well is being put in to provide clean drinking water for the village.

This is the church and right next door,is where the school will be built
This is where they currently get their water,a very dirty stream

This is the hospital,where Anca has lived all of her life!She has lived on the ninth floor,you can only see up to the sixth.

And little Anca is now in foster care! She is no longer living in the childrens hospital,I can only imagine how much she will improve being in a loving family!She is blind,but SO smart,and is walking,and only eating with a spoon now! She is almost two,we think.
So many things to Praise our Lord for! So much to report!