Sunday, July 12, 2009


Our Miss Clara...
This series of pictures was taken at Clara's doctors appointment this week.See,Miss Clara has asthma,and has been spending quite a bit of time at the doctors office lately trying to get on on the right combination of medications.Well,we think we have found the right combo,and she is doing great!Waiting around in a doctors office is not really all too fun,okay,so it's SOOOO boring!And,I never say the "boring"word.But,being that I'm a germ-a-fobe,I don't let the kids play around with the toys in the office,so we just sit there.Well,I just happened to have my camera with me...
and the following took place....

I realize I am partial,but this smile is just the sweetest to me!Oh,she is so sweet,and those beautiful eyes get me every time!
We are so blessed to have our little princess Clara!

And this is when we got silly...I can't help but laugh when I see these pictures!She is SO shy around strangers...but I promise you she is NOT that way around us! See for yourself!

"Don't mess with me Doc,I'll sick my brothers on you!"

This video would be of Clara singing,then realizing I was taping her,and becoming bashfull,leading to mommy singing...and that stopped mommy singing is SO not as cute and sweet as Miss Clara!

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Emily said...

Hehe, I love it! Both Clara and Mommy are so wonderful. Sorry you've been spending so much time being bored...I mean, waiting excitedly at the doctor's office. Sounds like tons of fun to me!! Miss you!