Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July

Fourth Of July Fireworks Show!

This would be my mother in law,and father in law.They were laughing at the kids trying to play card games.And that is my brother in law Guy.
Miss Clara...with her princess necklace on and glow ring.My kids LOVE those glowring necklaces!
Mommy tried a new "do" on Clara for the fireworks!I'm enjoying having her hair longer now...she wants to grow it out to her waist.Her little dress I found at goodwill and could not pass it up!Perfect for the 4th!

Riley kept going around to everyones little chairs and testing them out.Reminded us of goldy locks!Love this grin of his,and of course,his sisters princess chair!

Playing cards with Aunt Kaity.Kaity and Guy came to town for the weekend.It was great seeing them,and boy did my kids love seeing their Auntie Kaity!Thankfully my friend thought to bring games and fun stuff for the kids to do.I on the other hand did not.I simply brought food!lol!

Three Generations of Hartmans.Dad and Riley are exchanging glances.:)

Umm...Aunt Kaity...what card is this?
We have been going to this fireworks display every year for the last ten years.This year the fireworks display was great!Elliott was not so sure about the loud booms,and stayed put on my lap the entire time.I will say this was the loudest year by far.It was so loud,we could hear the booms echo,and you could feel the boom in your chest when they went off.Pretty powerful!We had a great time,and look forward to many more in the future!

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