Saturday, July 11, 2009

Black Raspberry Picking

A Black Raspberry Picking we will go....
We have an abundance of Black Rasberry bushes that line our back yard.On Sunday Before the fireworks that evening my hubby took the kids outside to go pick Berries.
And boy did they ever!
The kids picked until their little hands were purple.
Oh,and were the Raspberries were so tasty!

Daddy giving the kids rides around the back yard.We have another field behind that tree line that is part of the property too.The kids have SO much fun playing and running around way back there!Oh,and that tree is as huge as it looks,and as dead too!
Fruit of their labors!This is the biggest tupperware bowl I own,and by the time they were done it was filled to the top!

Fun Times With Daddy!We loved watching Riley in the back,his little chubby cheeks were-a-bouncing while riding along.I could not stop laughing! You could tell by his grin that he thought he was pretty big stuff sitting next to his big brother.

And that would be our lovely back yard,lined with Black Raspberry Bushes.Home Sweet Home...

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