Monday, December 8, 2008

long day...

Hello friends,
Today has been a long day.I (Bethany) woke up this morning not feeling well. I had really bad stomach pain,that by nine am,was so bad I had to go lay back down in bed. Once the pain got so bad that I was feeling light headed,and thought I might pass out,I decided I better call the doctors office. They had me come in asap,then sent me to the hospital for a CT scan.The entire time I kept praying that it would not be my appendix,as the doctors thought.Prayers were answered,it's not my appendix or Kidneys.I have an infection,and two ovarian cysts. I have another doctors appointment tomorrow,and was sent home with the only pain medication I can take,Tylenol. Prayers would be appreciated. As the Tylenol does very little for the pain.I will be seeing my doctor tomorrow,to talk about the options,of either laproscopic surgery,or trying some different medications. Thanks again for all the prayers for our family during this time. To say things have been stressful is an understatement! Blessings to you All!

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BECKY said...

Hey Bethany!! You've done a beautiful job on your blog! So sorry about your brother-in-law, and will be praying for his healing. Very glad to hear that your problem isn't more serious, and I will be praying for you, too.
Have a joyful holiday season! I'll check back regularly!!
Love Aunt Becky