Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We're not crazy...okay so maybe...


Yesterday was SO.MUCH.FUN!

First I had a photo shoot of this precious baby girl. Prepare to have your heart melt.

Precious right? I know.I've oohed and awed over every picture.Still working on editing them all.

The children stayed home with Daddy,while I got a few hours out taking pictures. And they cleaned their bedrooms. It's amazing how quickly they get their room's cleaned when we tell them their reward is going to a friends house to play!

We went to our friends the Miller's house. And had a BLAST! It was a "un-super bowl" party. Instead of watching the game,we played games. I laughed so hard I was sore today! Of course I was too busy laughing and having fun to take one picture. We stayed till 1am! I was SHOCKED that it was that late! We were having so much fun,time seemed to stand still.

The kids were asleep before we turned off of their street. I don't think they have ever been up that late. Ever. It was fun,and crazy! (apologies to the Millers if your reading this,Gary got called to go out to plow right as we were leaving...so much for resting before having to be out all night/early morning)

Today was a lazy day around the house. We did school,and played,and read a.lot. And I attempted to catch up on laundry. (haha,it's never caught up!)

Oh,and we ate grapes.

And Jackson came into the kitchen with his paper towel on his head saying "hey look Mom,I'm like that lady we saw in Shipshewana that had a head covering on!". I could not stop laughing. Random. Yep. I know.

So,that's what we've been up to this weekend. Oh,and celebrating Riley's 3rd Birthday! More on that later though...it's nearly 3am. Yeah,I know...I'm crazy.

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