Friday, February 25, 2011

Charmer in glasses...

Elliott got his first pair of glasses today. He's always been a little charmer, and now. Mercy.

Is he cute or what?

He picked out the frames himself. And since he was really not thrilled about having to get glasses, I let him pick whatever he wanted. I have say, the frames he choose are pretty cute. He was hilarious trying frames on last week. He sat in front of the mirror, and tried on atleast twenty pairs of frames. He'd stare at himself for a second, then quickly swipe them off of his little face and say "Nope!". Then just as quick, try on another pair. The frames he choose were the first ones he tried on, and he went right back to them and tried them on again after twenty other pairs, and said "Yep, these look good!". The lady that was helping us, was laughing and said "I've never had a four year old come in here, and do that! He know's EXACTLY what he wants!". Yep. That's Elliott!

He was really excited today to go pick his glasses up. When walking outside for the first time wearing his glasses he said "WOW! Look at all this stuff! Look Mom! The tree is huge!".

He did really well the first hour or so wearing them. Then his eyes started hurting. The doctor told us it would take a few days for his eyes to adjust to the glasses. He has asked at least a thousand times today "Can I take them off now?"..."Why do I have to wear these?"..."Are you sure I have to wear these?"...and so on. But, I'm sure after a few days he will do great wearing them. Everyone has told him how handsome he looks, and if you were one of those people today. THANK-YOU! He needs all the encouragement he can get! I had to snap a few pictures to show my family that lives out of state, just how adorable he is! He was being a ham, can ya tell? :)

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Jackie said...

SO ADORABLE! He is cute no matter what, but those glasses look great on him!