Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Sorry I've been MIA. Our lives are busy. Okay, so every ones' lives are busy. That's a lame excuse.

Honestly, blogging, taking pictures, and documenting our lives, has taken a back seat. Why? Because, we've been going full force ahead. LIVING life. And I've not had a chance to take a breather. But, I am tonight. Mostly because I know I have family far away (Hi family, I love you,dearly, and miss you more) and this update is for them. Though, if you are a close friend, who I consider like family, then this post could be for you too!

Tomorrow is a big day. Every day is a big day it seems like as of late. Tomorrow, we have an eye appointment to fix Elliott's glasses. Yep,already broke them. I'm amazed they lasted as long as they did! And Jackson is having an eye exam. And very likely could be getting glasses as well. Yay, to rough and rowdy boys in fragile, easily broken when running full force, face first into a swing, Glasses! They will look adorable. No doubt.

Then, it's off to get Jackson and Clara's Braces. Yep. Not,teeth braces. Feet Braces. They actually look pretty cool. Without going into all the medical reasons, mainly because it's after midnight and we have to be up and out of the house by 8am, I am simply asking for prayer for us in the next weeks. Jackson and Clara are not thrilled about having to wear these. And I know kids may wonder what they have on, or may say some not very kind things. And we've talked with them about that. The braces can also be harder to adjust to wearing, they may be a little sore as their bones begin to correctly develop. Your prayers would be coveted as we adjust.

So, yea. Long day tomorrow. Hopefully neither of them will, hyperventilate, throw up, or pass out, like the last visit to have the casts made. Yes, I'm sure the doctors office will never forget us! What can I say, we like to leave a lasting impression. (No pun intended, ha ha!).

Thank you family and friends for loving us, and praying for us. I'll post pictures of the kids wearing their new "digs".

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