Friday, October 9, 2009


Clara is growing up so fast.As of late I find her sitting all around the house writing her letters.Why just today,while I was breaking up a fight the boys were having I went looking for Clara.I found her sitting at the kitchen table,practicing her letters.Yes,she had written the entire alphabet over and over on a piece of scrap paper.I love her. I love her desire to learn. Her language skills tend to amaze me all the time. The other day I overheard her playing,she was talking to her baby doll,and said "I know you don't like this baby food.I know it's not particularly your favorite,so perhaps I can arrange to have something else for you to eat". I could not believe my ears, I thought,is that my four year old,or is she twenty!?! She loves to help Elliott,and it's so sweet to watch her help him.The other day they were playing,and Clara was packing up her baby things,and said to Elliott "Come on deary,it's time to get in the van,we are running some errands and don't want to be late"....Elliott said "Otay Honey".Moments in time that melt my heart.:) We love you sweet Clara bear!

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