Monday, October 12, 2009

Taylor Swift+Second row Tickets to her concert=BEST GIFT EVER!

Let me preface this by saying a few things.

First.I was raised in the south,and was raised to appreciate all music.I like a few country artists,not all,a few.This artist would be one of the few.

Second.I love my husband,he does not like country music.But,he likes me ;).And this truly was a gift from the heart,from him,to me.

Third.I know some people do not think country music is something Christians should listen to.I'm not here to debate what kind of music anyone should listen to.I believe that falls under Christian Liberties.I do not mean to offend anyone.If you find the subject matter offensive,then,just don't read it :).

With that said...

Last week we went to Indianapolis to a concert.But not just any concert.A concert that sold out in something like four minutes.Yes,20,000 tickets sold out that fast.

My husband,my amazing ever so sweet husband... got SECOND ROW TICKETS!

He gave them to me on our anniversary,in July,as my anniversary gift. I could not believe his sweet act,of truly sacrificial love. (he's not so into country music,just not his thing)

The concert was Thursday night. The kids stayed at my inlaws,and I went shopping first thing Thursday for a new outfit to wear to the concert.I got a way cute outfit at kohls for a grand total of 25 dollars! I came home got all dolled up,and we headed to Indy.

I was kinda nervous.First that I would be the only person there over 21.Second,that it might be a rowdy crowd.I had never been to a concert of that size before.

Thankfully both of my fears were quickly relieved as we were taken to our seats,right down in front of the stage.I squealed with delight!( Thinking I would not even need to use the zoom on my camera!)

Sitting next to us on one side was a couple in their sixties.Yep,apparently there are Taylor Swift Fans older than me.:) On the other side of us,a mom and her nine year old daughter.And that was pretty much the way the entire section of where we were seated consisted of.

Mom's and daughters.A few couples our age.And Grandparents.It was great.

Gloriana opened,then Kelly Pickler did a set.Then Taylor.(I feel like I can call her by her first name,ya know,seeing as I was SO close to her and all.)

Her show was a solid two hours of amazing.One song to the next.Her lighting was way cool,and her sets and costume changes were so creative! The best part,being next to my ever so sweet husband.And spending an entire day and a half with him all to myself.

We had a blast...and I took a few pictures,so all of you could feel like you were right there with us.Second Row and all. :) Enjoy!

I <3>

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