Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me Monday...!

Join Jennifer,and a bunch of her blogging buddies over at her blog to share about your "Not me" moments.:)

Here's mine...ah hem...

I did not leave my house in total disaster mode to take the kids on a picnic last week.Just so I would not have to clean up one more mess after they ate lunch.It was not cloudy and forecasting rain.Who would take their small children out on such a dreary day,for a picnic of all things,NOT ME!

I did not decide to just layer Riley's bed with a sheet,then mattress cover,then another sheet,and so on,because I was tired of changing the bedding over and over all week.My great idea did not fail when he had a huge blow out wetting through all six layers of bedding.Nope,not me,I don't make more work for myself.ever.

I did not go shopping and buy even more bows for our daughters way to large bow collection.Now making her bow collection way over fifty,seriously,really,who needs over fifty bows for one little girl!?!How frivolous.Not me.

Last but not least,I did not get thrown up on today,having to change my clothes,then got thrown up on again,and changed again.Then got thrown up on again,and upon trying to change my clothes,realized I had no clean jeans,and decided a wet wipe would clean the jeans just fine.Then while sitting next to my daughter while working on school she did not inform me that I stink and I should go change my clothes.Not me,I would never continue to wear jeans that had been barfed on.That's way gross,nope,never,not me.

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Bethany said...

Sounds like you had a rough glad you're able to laugh about it and share all of your "not me" moments with the rest of us. As a mom, I know I can sure relate!