Friday, October 24, 2008

Trusting and Waiting...

Hello All~
Bethany here,as I write,I have "J" on my lap,"C" is laying on the couch,"E" is playing with his choo choo train,and "R" is sleeping.Life is good,well,would be nice if we were not sick.Yep,four of the six of us are sick.But,there is blessing in having sick children.Rarely does "J" want me to hold him,I mean,he will be five next month,and five year old boys are not keen on snuggling with mommy. So,I am trying to enjoy these moments of togetherness,though I know I will never enjoy cleaning up the mess of sickness!
The title of this post is "trusting and waiting".I believe we can say there are many times in our lives where we must put these two simple words into Action.As of late God has called us to put these into action.Brandon is currently looking for a job,and with the economy that's a chore. We are trusting that God has a bigger picture in his plans.And waiting for Him to provide the right job. He is just looking for something until we can get all of our support raised.Another area where we are trusting and waiting. God called us to work with Pathway to Joy,and he knew what the economy was going to do. Funds are not coming in,but we know God has a plan. Our faith has been stretched. For that we are thankful.God has a plan,a purpose,and is Faithful.We praise Him for that!

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