Thursday, March 19, 2009

"E" and "NO WAY"...

I just had to share this.As most of you know our third born Elliott has some developmental delays. He is doing so well,and has come a long way! His verbal skills are so much better,in fact,he is now putting together his own sentences not just repeating what everyone else says. Well,his new favorite thing to say is .....

Everything is


Clara the other day showed him her bitty baby and said "She came from Chicago" and Elliott said "NO WAY!", we all got a good laugh out of that.

Then I asked him to help clean up the basement,and he sat on the stairs,crossed his arms and said

"No Way,I too wittle (little)".

I have to admit I could not control my laughter.I did tell him through the laughter that we do not say no to mommy,and then he said "awright",and began cleaning up.It's not as though he was trying to be naughty,more like he just thinks it's cool to say "NO WAY!".

Now you should all know what I mean when I say "sometimes Elliott's "cuteness" just consumes me!!!!!".

His Therapy is going great,and he is always asking, "mmmm heaher oming daday?" (Mrs.Heather Coming today?) or "mmm Zata oming daday?" (Mrs.Kathy Bazata coming today).He likes saying Mrs.Bazata,as opposed to her first name Kathy,I think, he thinks Bazata is a cool name.So,if you two are reading,let it be known,Elliott asks for you E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y.! ;)

Currently he is sitting in the play room playing with his construction toys.That alone is a huge milestone,as he always needed mommy to encourage pretend play,or one of his bigger siblings.We are so thankful for our happy,sweet,funny,special needs Elliott. Really,don't we all have special needs? He just gets to claim more than the rest of us :).

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how cute!