Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blessed. And other things.

Blog makeover,Bubble baths,Banquet,Baby shower,Birthday party...OH MY!

Yep,that sums up our weekend.

Oh, and Blessed.So.Very.Blessed.

I won an awesome give away to have my blog header/button made over. I'm SO excited!So,once I get some family pictures taken (hopefully on Sunday),I will be sending them out to Melanie,and she will be designing a custom header for me. I've been SO blessed by her generosity, she does great work! It's the little things, that can offer the biggest pick me ups, and this give away was a huge highlight of my week!

This morning,while my husband mowed the lawn, I took a thirty minute bubble bath, while sipping a hot cup of cappuccino.Mind you,I've not taken a bath in ages. But decided that after many a sleepless nights, "cranky" mommy needed a break.I wanted to be refreshed,and start the day a new. Delightful? I think so. I also munched on some home made banana bread. My type A personality tried to but in to my bath time, by making lists, using tub crayons to write things on the walls. But, I looked at the "to do" list and wiped it off the walls. How freeing that was. My "to do" list is never ending, and too many times, I let it have more power over my life than the Holy Spirit. I don't want to be so caught up in my "to do's" that I miss out on what God is trying to do in my life,or those he has blessed me with. While laying in the-almost to hot-bath,I just sank into the bubbles. It's been a rough season. But the more I prayed, spoke scripture, and thought over what this last year has held. I was reminded of God's many blessings to us. His faithfulness never fails.

Clara and I went to a mother/daughter banquet tonight. I love our times together. We went to the mall together today too. My Clara girl is just so sweet, and spunky. And growing way too fast! She is constantly sounding like a little valley girl with her "likes" and "So totally's". And yet,she's still our little girl. Wanting to be snuggled at night,and read to and sung over.

Tomorrow is a baby shower for my sister in law,she is expecting a little boy,who's name will be Addison Christopher.

While driving home tonight, Clara says from the back seat "Hey,mom,you know that Uncle Adam is going to be Addison's Dad?" (I am thinking this just dawned on her.You could see the "light-bulb" moment in her big blue eyes)
I say :"Yes,sweetie,thats right."
She does the "Valley girl half eye roll,chin cocked down,serious tone of voice" and says:
"He so totally needs more practice! I mean, he's gotta learn to change a diaper!"
I could not contain my laughter. Since she had not seen Drea (my sister in law) for a while, and she is really showing now, I think Clara thought baby Addison was going to be born,tomorrow. I assured her we have some time. And that maybe she should have Uncle Adam practice changing diapers on her baby dolls. And Clara said "Yea,good idea mom,he can't hurt my baby dolls!"
Love little ones,and their child likeness. :)

This weekend is mothers day. I am so thankful for my Mom. And that seems like the biggest understatement of my life. She is my best friend,second only to my husband. I love her more than words can say. Never has she failed in love or devotion. I am so blessed that she sought to pour into my life,putting her career on hold to be my Mom. I know I am better for it. I'm thankful she sought to be my mom first,and as I grew up and matured,became my best friend. So,on Sunday I look forward to celebrating her. Thanking her for pouring her life out,serving and loving me and my brothers.

It's fun being a Mom to kiddos who understand it's Mothers Day. Elliott made me the sweetest card,Jackson potted a flower at church and gave it to me,Clara made me a beautiful card, and Riley he gives me hugs daily,and tells me he loves me hourly. I am blessed.

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