Monday, September 19, 2011


Why hello there. Yes,I know. Been a long time.First I just have to say...Don't you just LOVE the new design!?! Thank you to Melanie for putting together a great header for me! To see more of her work,just click on her button here on my blog. :)

 Thought I'd try to catch everyone up on the latest happenings around our house. Never been to our house? Well, here is our dining room. Like the new chandelier in our dining room? It's new! Well, to us. It's actually really, really old. A friend was taking it down out of her house (Hi Carolyn!), and GAVE it to me! Talk about awesome! Especially considering that our old light fixture only held one light bulb, and it was a 25watt. Yea, pathetic. I kept trying to just tell everyone it's more romantic to eat in the dark. Being that there's mostly boys in our house, that did not go over so well. I gotta say, it sure is nice to be able to see our food. Well, some nights. So, I'm not the worlds greatest cook. At least we have a pretty chandelier to eat under.


Last week was my sweetheart's birthday. He turned 28. I love him so much! We have started a 21 day cleanse. Man,it's been great. The first three days were rough. But it's been smooth sailing since. I am so blessed to be married to my best friend. He's a pretty awesome Daddy too. It's not been an easy year, but God does not promise us ease. He's been so faithful to us, and provided for every need.It sure has been a memorable year, and it's been so exciting to see God's hand in so many area's of our lives. I heard someone say today, "God did not design marriage to make us happy, but to make us Holy". I think one could say that about life in general. Happy Birthday Love...I am SO happy to be your wife!

We started school two weeks ago. It's going great! I'll post pictures soon of our school room/playroom. It's been so much fun to watch our children learn, grow and explore this summer.I am so excited to see what this fall/winter holds.

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