Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pictures and craziness...

I've been super busy with pictures and thought I'd share a few of my favorites. Life has been rather crazy too.Elliott is still having health problems. We go to the hospital on the 29th for a EEG. We believe he maybe having seizures. We are just praying for some answers. He's been so exhausted all the time,and that would explain why.
These pictures are from mini sessions that I had at a local train museum. Super fun location! Great textures, and colors! But, the best part was having wonderful clients. I really love capturing families, babies, and kids!
I used a cannon 5D,with an 18-55mm lense. Manual mode,and as always NO flash! Natural light, gives pictures such a natural raw look. These  pictures are right out of my camera. No adjusting anything. That's what I strive for. Every now and then I like to play with saturation levels,or brighten things up a bit. But, for the most part that's all I do. I have another mini sessions, this Saturday. So,more pictures to come! :)

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