Thursday, September 25, 2008

Family Broshure and Sick Babies...

We are so excited...our broshure about our family is almost done! Once it is printed,we will address them and get them mailed out to all of you! We are so thankful for Karen Bucurs help with the brochures, they look so nice! We also just put together a slide show of pictures set to music that we plan on using while we are on deputation.Once I (Bethany) figure out how to load it up on here,I will!
That may be a while, as of right now I am very busy taking care of three sick children.Two (E and R) just have colds. "C" on the other hand,has a double ear infection and upper respritory infection.My time has been totally consumed in taking care of her, today she seems to be rounding a corner,I think the medications have really helped her to feel a little bit better! It seems as though since we have been home from Romania,someone has been sick! Oh well,small price to pay,for the blessings we recieved while we were there!

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