Monday, September 15, 2008

Pathway to Joy Ministries

"Protection, Provision, and Permanent Solutions"
Today, the pathway to joy winds through places in Romania such as Oradea, Tinca, Sabolciu and Lugas de Jos where a large population of poor families, street children, and abandoned orphans live lives often cut short by hunger, illness, neglect and exploitation.

Pathway to Joy Ministries (PTJM) reaches out to these suffering children and communities by providing them with food, clothing, shelter, medical care and other critically needed assistance, all in Christ’s name … God is using our efforts to transform the lives of children and families as they receive Christ’s amazing offer of forgiveness and hope.

Children's Hospital The local children's hospital currently has an average of 70-90 abandoned infants and children ages birth to six, who suffer from inadequate nutrition, abnormal development and proper identification documents. Unfortunately, lack of sufficient government funding prevents many of these children from being integrated into the state foster care system. God has called us to provide loving care and protection for several of these forgotten infants and children.

Foster CareThe needs of abandoned children are not only physical, therefore providing emergency care and protection is only part of fulfilling their dreams for security and love. Their needs are also social, emotional and spiritual. That’s why PTJM is committed to making a difference in our community’s foster care system by building a network of Christian foster homes that provide for these needs in a safe and loving environment.

Orphan Mentoring Project

Our Mentoring project is a relational ministry geared toward getting the orphans out of their hostile environment and pairing them with a Godly mentor who is going to invest spiritually in their lives. These young people aged 4-22 face the daily challenge of growing up alone without a family.Many lack hope,and are searching for meaning and significance in all the wrong places.Loss in one area of a child's life often leads to losses in other areas Many of these kids struggle with low self esteem,lack of confidence,focus and motivation.Although loss is sometimes inevitable, many times with intervention further loss can be preventable.

Church Planting

Recognizing that the root of the social problems in Romania today are due in part to the presence of sin, we see our focus upon the spiritual needs of the people as our best preventive measure against future child neglect and abandonment and the scriptural means for a brighter future for all Romanians! Since 2004 PTJM has planted three churches in three gypsy villiages in Romania that reach out to over 3,000 families.

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