Monday, February 16, 2009

Riley turns One...

Hello everyone!
I just had to jot this milestone down somewhere.Yesterday Riley took his first steps.Bitter sweet I must say. He was so cute about it too (of course). Brandon and I were sitting in the basement.The other kids were in bed.I set Riley up to stand.(his balance is great) Brandon is sitting across the basement,and cues at him to "walk to Dada".Riley took three whole steps,before slowly sitting back down,and crawling the rest of the way. Then today he took five whole steps,by himself.Aparently I make too much of a big deal of it,cause as soon as I say "yippee for Riley",he grins,and slowly squats down.He is growing like a weed,a happy weed though.He laughs and smiles all the time,and is just a joy to be around.How blessed we are to have him in our family.It's hard for me to believe that a year ago,he was a teeny tiny little guy,hooked up to tubes,under bright lights. When he came home from the hospital on valentines last year,he was a little over five pounds.My how time flies! Currently,he is 25 pounds! Talking saying "aw done" (all done) "hewo mama" (hello mama,while holding the phone to his ear) "paise JeJe" (Praise Jesus,while throwing his hands up in the air).And,he will dance on cue,and mercy is that the cutest thing ever! Don't worry,all you baptists out there,he only moves the top half of his body,his feet always stay firmly planted!(haha) Here is Riley's Birthday Invitation.Though,we may be changing the date now,becuase I did not know that Brandon's parents were going to be out of town. How we love you Riley Samuel! You are a blessing and a gift,and we are SO thankful God chose us to be your mommy and daddy!!!

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Anonymous said...

How cute, I can't believe it's been a year!