Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Taking it in...

So, It's 2:20am.

I've been up with two children.

And our two dogs.

And I'm beyond tired.

I feel a cold coming on.

Maybe it's from a lack of sleep.

Highly possible.

There are so many thought's in my head.

The last week has been surreal.

No. Really. It has been.

The Glory of God has been shown all around us.

And in many way's, I feel like I've just shown up in my own life.

God stripped away nearly all I had.

All I "thought" I was.

And revealed to me, just how off putting I had been.

How I truly have nothing, am nothing.

Without Jesus.

There have been so many way's to hide.

So many ways to not be real.

I've been inspired to share our story.

And what a story I have to tell you.

It's not of my own doing, truly, it's God's doing.

Before I share our story. I need a disclaimer.

*I am not sharing this, to discourage any of my friends or family who read this blog.*

I am simply sharing what God has done, because I want to ENCOURAGE you!

I want to give hope!

I want you to have the freedom to be real, and celebrate what God is doing in your life!

Because I don't want anyone but God to get the Glory for all of these things.

To find the Holy, in the common place.

I'm going back into the vault.

 I am choosing to start at the beginning.

 Because, that's the very best place to start.

(Said singing Maria VonTrapp style. Apologies if I quote too many musicals. I know many of them line for line, and can't help my self.)

To be honest, I've hesitated for a long time sharing our story on this blog.

Being brutifully honest. (It's a Monkee term, for Brutal+Beautiful)

It's not an easy thing to share from your past, and be real, and transparent, and yet God honoring.

And respectful to the people involved in it.

But I shall try.

Because as God has shown me this week, HE is in ALL OF IT!

And, as for me, I'm just taking it all in.

Part 1 coming soon...

(After seeing Twilight Breaking Dawn-part two, this weekend, I feel like we should now break away to a really moving song. And hey! If some particularly toned guys want to run across the screen without a shirt on, I'm cool with that.;))

Que Dramatic Music


mckennah said...

teaser i want part one!! - erin

Erin Reimers said...

Me too!!! :-)