Saturday, January 12, 2013

Park Play...IN JANUARY!?!

Yes. Today we went to the park. To play. Wearing shorts and t-shits, and breaking a sweat. It was glorious.
I took my camera along to capture some moments to remember. Mali makes so many faces, I call this her "Granny smile". She promptly laughs hysterically at me, laughing hysterically at her! Do you see why I say ALL the time "Ah, Aunt B could eat you up!". She is one little butter ball of love and happiness.

Little boys + puddles= hours of play.

Love Liam's mid air jump, and shadow that looks like he is flying!

This boy can make all kinds of faces too.
 Love this sweet smirk on his face.
It  was getting close to nap time, and he was just content to swing.

Mali giving Uncle B kisses...she "kisses" with her mouth open. Like she is going to bite your head off.
 It's hilarious! 
A sure fire way to keep the boys away when she gets older. We keep saying we will never correct her. ;)

Riley is at that age where it's really hard to get a "natural" smile.
Love that I captured this as he was running by me.

Jackson went around the ENTIRE playground, without touching the ground.
I heard many other mothers gasp, and whisper things like "Who's child is that? Way up there?"
I'm used to it. He is really good at climbing. And scaring other mothers.

Daddy was helping Elliott try to climb around too.

  (Mali's first time on a swing!)

 My niece LOVED hanging on this and spinning around! She was laughing she loved it so much! Don't worry, Uncle Brandon was holding on tight to her. (He never dropped any of our kids.)

Pure JOY!

Little fingers hanging on tight.

Playing follow the leader. I loved watching Riley actually be able to participate and PLAY!
 No more physical restrictions anymore! 
His little hands stretched out to "bawance" himself, does not get much more adorable than that. 

Elliott got tired, and spent most of the time in this awesome swing.

Seriously.This little girl is always smiling, and laughing! One Happy Baby!

Riley was being pushed by Daddy, and was going pretty high!

Elliott wanted to try it. He wasn't too sure. 

Our Clara girl can swing so high! I remember doing the same thing, and doing a back flip off the swing. 
And I wonder where my children get it from?

We had so much fun enjoying this unusually warm weather. The first of MANY park play dates this year!

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