Friday, March 15, 2013


Hey friends!
I apologize for the break in blogging. If you follow me on Instagram ( bnyhle31) you know that we spent four days in the hospital with our youngest. Riley came down with a virus that he just couldn't shake. Poor guy was miserable. Thankfully he has recovered, and is back to his happy self. And he turned 5 years old last month! Still in denial that my youngest baby is now five! Time flies SOOOOO fast!

I haven't forgotten that I promised to share more pictures from our family photo shoot last year. I post these with a heavy heart tonight. My brother deployed overseas, and is gone for a while. We are thankful for his service to our country, and that he won't be stationed in a very dangerous location. But, he will be missed while he is away.

I am so thankful to live right next door to my brother and his wife and their two precious babies. I love their babies like my own. My nephew even proclaimed this week as his Mama was telling him it was time to go...
"No, I don't want to leave Aunt B's house, I stay here, forever." Sweet boy, I will keep you forever too!!! Sure did make this Aunt B's heart soar. I love that not only does he know who I am, but that we have a close relationship. And my sister in law is one of my closest friends. Really, she is the sister I never had, and always wanted growing up. My brother did good.

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