Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My home state.


 A few weeks ago, we traveled to Florida with my in-laws. We were blessed to be able to go. The vacation was much needed, and we had a great time. It was especially nice for Elliott. He did so well while we were gone. My mother in-law made these cute travel bags for the kids, with all kinds of goodies inside. And surprises to open every hour as we drove. The kids LOVED the surprises! It helped make the drive go by quickly. 

Elliott and Riley rode with my in-laws. It was strange having only the older two kids in the van with us!But the boys loved it. And I think Jackson and Clara liked 
being able to pick "big kid movies".

My sweet husband drove the whole way. 
Good thing too, traffic was pretty crazy!
(We saw the Oscar Myer Weenie truck though! Check out my instagram for that bnyhle31)

After an eventful night in a hotel in Naples,that involved one asthmatic Riley and a trip to the ER, we headed to Marco Island.
Once we got there, we had to go see the beach. 
Even if it was freezing, and windy! So, we made the grand trek to the beach, fishing poles and camera's in tow. Jackson was SO excited. As were the little boys.

 Not realizing just how frigid it would be 
once we got to the beach.

I loved watching the boys run to the beach with full abandon. I told Brandon later, in my mind, majestic music was playing at this moment. And then we hit the beach.
Even when freezing, it's still so beautiful.
The little boys went right to digging, while Dad and Brandon observed just how choppy the waters were.And realizing there was no way fishing would be happening tonight.They stood there, as to hope if they just waited a little while, the waters would calm, wind come to a stop, and they could fish. But, it didn't happen.
Boys digging for sand fleas. No luck.

Clara was so cold, and tired. And just not feelin' it. 
I found it rather comical, 
considering the sunset was glorious. And she was not enthralled at all.

The moment Elliott ran into the ocean, only to be hit by a very big and cold wave. He took it like a champ. And laughed about it. No matter how cold and windy, the beach is my favorite place to be. We didn't get to spend much time there, but the little bit we did was glorious. Even if my kids kept asking to leave and go swim in the pool!
 I was determined to make them beach bums. 
Alas, the weather didn't co-operate.
 More to come on our adventure to my home state!

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