Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Home State pt.2-Marco Island Florida

Here are a few more pictures from our beach vacation. The kids loved swimming, everyday, in the swimming pool. It was heated to a toasty 80+ degree's. Good thing too, considering it was pretty chilly outside!

I tried to get them all in one picture.
When we went to the beach we saw DOLPHINS! Of course, the sun came out at about the same time, and this over exposed picture was all I was able to capture. Dolphins are fast...and unlike the trained dolphins at sea world, these ones would not jump on command again for me. And I wasn't going to stand there all day to attempt to get one picture!

My little fashionista. I love this swimsuit on her! Mostly I just love her!
Jackson had so much fun digging a hole, and burying his little brother.
 Riley kept giggling, and making the sand crack.

Elliott checking on Riley. 
(Ignore my bad photo shop job. I didn't want the half naked, large lady in the picture. Your welcome)
Elliott wanted to give it a try. Then after about half way, decided he couldn't sit that long.
Jackson LOVED digging "forts" on the beach. Here is my mother in-law helping him. With my kiddos and husband in the back ground.
Marco Island has the BEST park for kids! We had fun exploring it, and playing basketball, four square, etc.

My sweet boy Riley...telling me about something, every so seriously. I love that you can see the remnants of babyhood still in his face in this picture. I know that is swiftly fleeting. Thankful to have captured this moment.
Elliott. This look always makes me swoon. With all that this sweet guy has been through, he still manages to flash his million dollar smile. He had so much fun at this park. 
This playground was "Under the Sea" themed. Jackson screaming 
"AHHH, I'm being swallowed by a whale!".

My father in law,and my husband enjoying some fishing. 
Poor guys, faithfully fished. And caught one tiny fish the entire week. Bummer.
Brandon did catch one little fish...Riley was SO excited!

Riley showing me Daddy's fish. The boys loved playing with the bait in the bucket, and the prize fish.

The view from my beach towel. Will never ever tire of that view.
I snapped quite a few photo's but decided to just share a few of my favorites. 
A huge thank's to my in-laws who invited us to tag along on their vacation. We had a wonderful time. 
The kids haven't stopped talking about it. It was a much needed break from the daily tasks of life.

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