Saturday, April 13, 2013

5 Tips- {Photographing kids}

Being a Mom, and photographer. I know how difficult it is to capture a great picture of a child.
 It's as though the stars have to be aligned. Or it can feel like that at least. But there are a few things you can do to prepare to make it SO much better!

1.) Chill. Relax. and have FUN! I know, easier said than done. But kids pick up on EVERYTHING! If you are stressed (and lets face it, family photo's always stress us out!) kids will be stressed too. Talk about it a lot before hand, weeks before hand! Make it sound like it will be so much fun. 
Make it something to look forward to, not dread.

2.)Less is More. You really only need a handful of good pictures. Snap fast. I almost always find, the first picture of my kids, is the best. The most natural too. So, have the settings on your camera ready to capture that first perfect smile! And for photographers, work fast! Kid's attention span isn't very long,
 don't drag it out!

3.) Pack prepared! I keep an old diaper bag packed with my photography must haves. 
And this is what is in it.
a.Baby wipes
b. Spray bottle with water (for hair)
c.First aid kit
d.Finger nail clippers (especially for newborn shoots)
e.Baby oil and cotton balls. (great for dry skin on kids of all ages.)
f.Comb and brush
g.Small mirror
h.Noise makers (like this)
i. Fruit snacks and a bag of candy or suckers.
j.bottled water for each client
k.rubber band hair ties
l.extra hair bows,and headbands
When you pack prepared, there will be less melt downs!

4.) Let the kids participate. Too many times when I am doing photo's of kids, their parents stand behind me and tell their kids "smile" or "come on honey, look at the camera". Typically, this does not work. And it backfires. It's okay if they don't look at the camera, or smile. Saying silly jokes, or saying kind things, "You are just a little ray of sunshine, look at how awesome you are!", almost always draws a smile. 
Barking commands, never does. And there is always my favorite "If you smile, I have candy for you!".
Yes that always works.
 5.)Let the kids lead the way. Ask them what they would like to wear, or where they would like to have pictures taken, or what poses they would like, or what toy or stuffed animal they want in their pictures. Doing so, makes the child feel validated, and important. 
Because, they are WAY more important than any picture of them is!

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